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NBA 2021 Season, All You Need To Know

The NBA 2021 season is just under a month away from starting, and with that, it is time to analyze the teams' movements in search of them meeting their objectives. Then, the rumors, signings, and those coaches who have a seat heating off if they don't start the season on the right track.

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When is the NBA Tip-off?

The NBA will tip-off on December 22, which is just right because we could have our annual NBA Christmas games. 

What about the offseason?

This will mark the shortest offseason in NBA history for the teams that went to the Finals, with only 71 days between seasons. The Heat and the Lakers might be affected by the fatigue in the latter parts of the season—something you may want to consider before placing your bets at Skybook.

As for the rest of the teams out of the bubble, they will have over nine months of rest.

What will the format be?

The regular season will be 72 games instead of 82. The preseason will be from December 11 to 19. From December 22 until March 4, we will have the first half of the season.

All-Star break will be from March 5-10, then from March 11 until May 16 will finish the regular season schedule.

After that, from May 18-21, the Play-In Tournament will determine the last playoff participants. Finally, from May 22 until July 22, we will have the playoffs.

What are the NBA rumors?

Anthony Davis just resigned with the Lakers, something we already knew would happen, but what else has occurred?

Of course, the top free agents are already signed and have homes. From what remains, we can find effective players, but not players who will give a proper change to the franchises, but who can be good complementary pieces and role players.

As for rumors, we will have to wait once the rosters have been filled and the games begin to see what transfers can take place in the first months of NBA action during the trading season.

Trades and Free Agency

Here's where it gets interesting. For the second year in a row, the Boston Celtics lost a player worth more than $100 million in free agency. This time, it was Gordon Hayward. The forward left for the Charlotte Hornets to pair up with rookie LaMelo Ball and seek a postseason field.

One of the strongest hits in this market was that of Montrezl Harrell. The Center went from the Clippers to the Lakers in what has aroused spiteful feelings among LA teams. The Battle of Los Angeles will be even more fierce this time out.

The Clippers, who were left without one of the best rim protectors they had, came out and hired a great replacement to answer the blow. Serge Ibaka provides excellent protection at the rim and brings something Harrell does not; he can stretch out the floor.

Two big names who were big entering this free agency were seasoned point guards Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul. Rondo became champion with the Lakers, while Chris Paul led a team like the Thunder to the playoffs.

Now, Rondo will go to the Atlanta Hawks, while Paul will head to Phoenix. Both are teams with young and exciting projects, and the arrival of these veterans will provide leadership and a dog-mentality in what are poised to be postseason teams.

Another point guard who may have been highly sought after is Fred VanVleet, yet he signed an $85 million contract to stay in Toronto, the largest contract ever signed by a player who went undrafted.

Lastly, two blockbuster point guards changed franchises as John Wall is headed to Houston to give the Rockets a new version of himself after missing the last season due to injury. As for the Wizards, they will have the all-electric Russell Westbrook, whose experiment in Houston didn't work out, but now, with Bradley Beal, they form a terrific backcourt.

Coaches on the hot seat

Several coaches are looking forward to this NBA season... to save their jobs, starting with Quin Snyder, the coach of the Utah Jazz. Utah got Donovan Mitchell about three years ago, and he immediately changed the face of the franchise. However, since then, the Jazz's roof remains the first or second round of the postseason, when it is a team that is made for more than early playoff exits. Patience can run out, especially after Mitchell signed for $195 million.

Also, Mike Budenhozer, the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks, has to be concerned. In the last two years, the Bucks have been the first seed of the East. However, it is two years in a row that the Bucks are humiliated in the postseason. In 2019, Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors came back from a 2-0 series in favor of Milwaukee. The Bucks didn't even compete this past season, and the Heat got the series done in five games. Time to make Budenhozer accountable or look for a new coach, especially with your best player, Giannis Antetokounmpo, hitting free agency next year.

Lastly, Alvin Gentry has an armed team to compete in the Western Conference. The New Orleans Pelicans have excellent potential. They had it all to make the playoffs last season and came up short. They can't waste years on this kind of talent.

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