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The Hornets are an NBA team based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. They are part of the Eastern Conference Southeast Division, and their home court is the Spectrum Center.

Charlotte Hornets Brief History

The team was born with its current name back in 1988 as an NBA expansion team.

Then, in 2002, the franchise relocated to New Orleans, keeping the same name.

Later on, in 2004, the team moved back to Charlotte, but this time with a new name, the Bobcats.

Another name change took place in 2013 when the team was re-baptized the Pelicans, to finally return to its original roots, the Hornets, in 2014.

The best era for this team was between 1992 to 1995, when Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning were the leaders of the franchise.

Charlotte was the team that first got the services of Alonzo Mourning after drafting him as the second overall pick in 1992.


And the team already featured Larry Johnson, another player with a promising future.

Both of them, along with Kendall Gill, formed what it was at the time the best young trio in the league.

These players led the team to its first playoff berth in the history of the team.

They advanced to the second round after defeating the Celtics that year but fell to the Knicks in the second round.

Then, during the 1994-95 season, the Hornets managed to acquire 50 victories, making it to the postseason once again.

But this time they got defeat in four games at the first round by the Bulls.

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Charlotte Hornets Interesting Facts

1- One of the most interesting facts about this franchise is that its top owner is basketball legend Michael Jordan.

2 - Jordan acquired the majority of the ownership of the team after a trade with the previous owner Bob Johnson when the team was still named the Bobcats.

3 - That way, Jordan became the first former NBA player to own the majority of a National Basketball Association franchise.

4 - The team was set to be named the Spirits, but it became officially the Hornets after a naming contest.

5 - This is the only team that doesn’t have the Nike logo on their jersey. And the reason is because the logo has been replaced by the Jumpman logo, as Michael Jordan is the owner of the franchise.

6 - Kobe Bryant could have worn the Hornets uniform as he was drafted by Charlotte, but the player was immediately traded to the Lakers.

7 - Back in 2002, the team relocated to New Orleans, and returned to Charlotte in 2004 as the Bobcats. It took a full decade for fans to be able of calling their team the Hornets once again.

Charlotte Hornets Awards and Accomplishments:

  • Championships: None
  • Conference titles: None
  • Division titles: None

Charlotte Hornets Hall of Famers and Famous Players

Here’s a list of the top 3 top historical players for the Charlotte Hornets:

Kemba Walker: He got drafted ninth overall at the 2011 NBA Draft by this team, and remained as their top point guard until the 2019-2020 season, when he joined the Celtics.

  • 8 seasons with the Hornets, times All-Star

Alonzo Mourning: He and teammate Larry Johnson led Charlotte to 50 victories during the 1994-95 season, allowing the team to advance to the playoffs, where they got beaten in four games to the Chicago Bulls. They had previously led the team to the playoffs in 1992, upsetting the Celtics in the first round, but falling to the Knicks in the second round.

  • 3 seasons with the Hornets, 7 times All-Star

Larry Johnson: Back in 1993, he signed what it was at the time the richer contract in the history of the league: a 12-year deal worth $84 million with the Hornets. He was one of the most promising players in the league, but recurrent injuries didn’t allow him to develop his full potential.

  • 5 seasons with the Hornets, 2 times All-Star

Charlotte Hornets Rivalries

When it comes to rivalries, this is a team that doesn’t have a direct one, although they do have teams that they’re competing against within their division.

With that said, you don’t feel a true sense of an actual rivalry. But, if you had to pick a rival for the Hornets, it’s probably the Miami Heat, as they battled hard during a 7-game, first-round postseason series in 2016.

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