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Tom Brady's Fit in Tampa, 2021 Super Bowl Odds and More

Tom Brady takes his talents to Tampa!

Buccaneers, Chargers, and Colts. Those were the teams in the run to convince six-time champ Tom Brady to join them, and there's a winner. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the new house for Tom Brady.

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In sports, there's always a debate as to who is the greatest ever to play each sport. However, when it comes to the NFL, the answer is as unanimous as it can get without someone throwing huge hot takes.

Well, for the first time in his career, the greatest of them all entered Free Agency. Tom Brady didn't last a whole day to find a new place to throw the football. 

When you think about the teams fighting for Brady's services, you never saw the Bucs as the best destination, from a competitive standpoint, at least. 

Does Tampa Make Sense?

Tampa didn't seem like a colorful destination at first. But think about it. By going to the Bucs, you're avoiding Mahomes and Lamar Jackson. Then, you're also in a changing division, although a tough one, not an impossible feat. Third, the Bucs have a good enough defense, an outstanding coach, and sharp weapons like WRs Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and TE OJ Howard. Add a decent running game, and all of a sudden, you have an excellent team.

At 42 years old, Brady is still healthy and sharp. He never relied on athleticism, but in his unbelievable IQ and accuracy, you don't lose that with age. Tom 'Terrific' can still go, and in the NFC South, facing 40-year-old fellow Drew Brees, and 35-year-old Matt Ryan, a pocket passer battle will take place in the division.

What's more, we've always wanted to see Mike Evans -by all means, an all-world WR- catch passes from a capable QB. Well, now he can forget about Jameis Winston and has the greatest of all behind center throwing dimes to him. 

Additionally, we've seen over and over again, how good Brady is when having a reliable Tight End. Now, we're not implying OJ Howard is at Gronkowski's level, but Howard is an excellent weapon, and sure as the sun is bright that Brady will appreciate his talents.

All of a sudden, Tampa transformed from being one mediocre team led by an absolute mess of a quarterback in Jameis Winston, to, at least, a playoff contender. Brady is more accurate, more experienced, more talented, much more careful, and way more intelligent than Winston can ever be in the football field. Not to mention the killer instinct Brady has, it's unparalleled. 

Many are still not convinced by this move, but here's the cold truth, you don't like it because you're not ready to see Brady out of the Patriots' jersey. Tampa has much better weather, is a good team where his talent will impact positively, the situation is basically perfect. Oh, and they paid him what he wanted.

Brady's teammates go from Evans as mentioned earlier, Godwin and Howard, to good defensive players like Jason Pierre-Paul, Devin White, Shaquil Barrett, and probably the return of DT Ndamukong Suh would only strengthen their hopes for an amazing 2021 season. 

Brady's impact on Vegas odds for the Bucs is ridiculous. With Brady's announcement, Tampa Bay's odds look like this:

  • To win NFC South: +225
  • Season Win Total: 9 (-121 Under, +100 Over)
  • To Win NFC Championship: 
    • Before Brady +2000
    • After Brady +650
  • To win Super Bowl LV
    • Before Brady: +4000
    • After Brady: +1400

Just in case you didn't notice, Brady is not a guy, he is THE guy. Place your early bird bets to get the best odds and maximize your winnings. Register now!

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