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NFL Injuries

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Due to the sport’s physicality, NFL injuries are extremely common. According to the NFL injury report, players in 2017 suffered a total of 291 concussions, 57 ACL tears, and 151 MCL tears. In the sport of football, injured players impact each and every game. It is vitally important to stay current on the latest information and news. We will update our injury report as soon as it happens, allowing you to know exactly who is playing and who is not at full strength, giving you a big leg up over your competition.

Late Line Swings and Bet Hedging

Imagine putting a lot of money down on your favorite team only to find that their star player is sitting out with a sore leg. Checking in with us and becoming knowledgeable on NFL injuries will help you to navigate those last-second line swings as well as to hedge pre-existing bets that are drastically changed by an injured player. If you bet football, you need to check this page to make sure you are in the loop.

NFL Live Lines

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