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2020 Super Bowl LIV Parlay and Teaser Betting Odds

A big event such as the Super Bowl gives you the perfect opportunity to make a nice parlay or teaser bet.

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Super Bowl LIV Parlay Betting:

A standard parlay pays 13/5, which means that you need to win 28% of the time to break even. Let’s look at points for, and against, in victories versus defeats:

49ers: The 49ers display what you might expect: both their offensive and defensive lineups have struggled in losses. In the last two seasons, this team has scored eleven points per game less and allowed a touchdown more in victories than defeats.

Chiefs: When it comes to the Chiefs, the difference focuses on their defense. Since 2018, Kansas City has averaged 32 points in their victories and have barely dropped off at all to 30.4 points per game defeats.

Right now, Vegas NFL odds are showing the Chiefs as 52/48 favorites. If you like those odds, then your Total pick will need to hit about 54% for the Chiefs/49ers, respectively.

It seems like the Kansas City defense will be the deciding factor in both the game and the Over/Under.

If Kansas City can slow down San Francisco, then the Chiefs/Under looks excellent, if not, then 49ers/Over.

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Super Bowl LIV Teaser Betting:

An exciting betting option for this Super Bowl is betting teasers. You will need to hit around 72.5% of the time to break even.

And, to do that, you will need to move through critical numbers, particularly on the spread side.

So, for example, to tease the Chiefs to +4.5 is not going to make an excellent addition to your bet as that will only move through 3 or 4. On the other hand, to tease from +1.5 to +7.5 is the best as it runs through 3, 4, 6, and 7, and these have hit 75% of the time since 2002.

Unfortunately, the Over/Under is not quite as good for teasers. And the reason is that high totals are not better than average to tease off.

Also, both directions have come in about 65-66% in the past couple of years, and even historically.

The Chiefs have been great for teasers this current season, hitting 71% when you move the Over/Under 6 points.

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Best Super Bowl LIV Parlay /Teaser Pick

We observed through the figures for the football action last week, and the conclusion is that Kansas City will have a difficult time when trying to stop the 49ers’ accomplished attack. They will be playing versus the current best quarterback in the league and also reigning MVP. And, as of now, there’s no one capable of stopping Mahomes when he’s “in the zone.” And so, the actual stats point to a combination of Chiefs and Under or 49ers and Over for parlays. Plus, teasing Kansas City is no good, as they are a team that can’t be stopped.

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