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2020 NFL Half-Season Team Tier List

With eight weeks on the books and still eight to come for the 2020 NFL season, it's time for us to make a new Tier List regarding NFL teams. No more trades, some coaches have been fired, players had horrific injuries, and miraculous games have all filled another fantastic season of NFL football.

Tier lists come from best to worst, let's label each franchise into their respective categories to really see their level entering the second half of the 2020 NFL season. 

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Here are the tiers we are ranking the 32 franchises in:

  • -Super Bowl Contenders
  • -Deep Playoff Teams
  • -Dark Horses
  • -Playoff Push
  • -Not Good Enough
  • -Bad Teams
  • -NFL Is Too Much For Us

Now that you know the categories, let's hop into the tier lists!

Super Bowl Contenders

I mean, this category explains for itself, but these are the teams that are fully capable of making the run to the Super Bowl. In this tier, it's Lombardi or failure.

  • Kansas City Chiefs: They have played without the same hunger of last year and are still cruising through most of their rivals. Patrick Mahomes is there, so yeah. Check out the latest Kansas City Chiefs odds.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: They are until the halfway point of the season the only undefeated team in the NFL. Top defense and efficient attack. Greatly coached, the Steelers are very powerful. Check out the latest Pittsburgh Steelers odds.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Incredibly strong rush defense and a stacked offense. This team looks stronger week by week, and Tom Brady is playing his best football in a while. Super Bowl-bound, it seems. Check out the latest Tampa Bay Buccaneers odds.

Deep Playoff Teams

These franchises are very talented and can push to make it to the Super Bowl, but still have some weaknesses that can be exploited and ruin their Lombardi dreams.

  • Seattle Seahawks: The best offense in football with the favorite to win MVP right now in Russell Wilson. However, their defense is insanely bad. They have the talent, but the system is wrong, and that's tough to fix. Still, miracle-maker Russell Wilson can take them to the big game. Check out the latest Seattle Seahawks odds.
  • Green Bay Packers: Same as the Seahawks, very prolific offense, but their defense against the run is terrible. If you can't stop running backs, there's a huge problem come playoff times. Check out the latest Green Bay Packers odds.
  • Baltimore Ravens: They have it all to be Super Bowl contenders but can't seem to win the big games. Choking is a hard word to use, but the Ravens are nearing that label. Check out the latest Baltimore Ravens odds.
  • New Orleans Saints: Slow start to the season and been plagued by injuries on the offensive side. Once they're healthy, the Saints are a force to be reckoned with. Check out the latest New Orleans Saints odds.

Dark Horses

These teams may not be as strong as the top two categories, but they can win to anyone on any given Sunday if they come in top-form.

  • Buffalo Bills: They have a complete and talented roster. Very well-coached by Sean McDermott. They really depend on what version of Josh Allen shows to the games. Allen can be elite or prone to mistakes. That's a bit of a deal-breaker for the top tiers but suitable for a dark horse. Check out the latest Buffalo Bills odds.
  • Tennessee Titans: You don't believe they can be dark horses? Just take a look at what they did last year. Derrick Henry is a monster in the backfield, and they are the second-best red zone offense in the league. Their defense is the issue, they can't rush, and their secondary is awful. Check out the latest Tennessee Titans odds.
  • Arizona Cardinals: This is a reach, but they defeated Seattle and have a very dynamic offense that can harm anyone. The defense is decent as well, so there's a chance they can upset some in the NFC. Check out the latest Arizona Cardinals odds.

Playoff Push

These teams are good enough to make the playoffs or at least try to get there, but that's about it. Wildcard weekend, and goodbye.

  • Cleveland Browns: The Browns are a decent enough team to win a few games and try to make the playoffs, but they are overwhelmed by the top franchises in the NFL; they usually get battered in those encounters. Check out the latest Cleveland Browns odds.
  • Indianapolis Colts: The Colts have an excellent defense and a talented enough offense to get into the playoffs. But Philip Rivers is their QB, the ultimate choker, so that's troublesome for them. Check out the latest Indianapolis Colts odds.
  • Chicago Bears: Their defense is solid, but their offense is very lackluster. Nick Foles is good at times and bad at others. Their run offense is second to worst in the NFL; the offense holds the team back. Check out the latest Chicago Bears odds.
  • Philadelphia Eagles: It really pains me to put a team as bad as the Eagles here, but the NFC East is so bad, they'll make the playoffs probably with a losing record, so I'm forced to label them in this tier. That's a moral loss for me. The system has beaten us in this one. Check out the latest Philadelphia Eagles odds.
  • Los Angeles Rams: Their 5-3 record is shady. Four of their wins came against the NFC East; talk about an early-Christmas present in that schedule. They are not a bad team, but Jared Goff is pretty limited as a QB, and their offensive system is effective but predictable. Check out the latest Los Angeles Rams odds.

Not Good Enough

These are not bad teams per se but are still slightly below-level to really fight for a postseason appearance.

  • Miami Dolphins: They were somewhat on the push, but they benched Fitzpatrick, and Tua is a left-handed QB that changes everything. It is now an evaluation season for them; they are fun to watch, though. Check out the latest Miami Dolphins odds.
  • Las Vegas Raiders: Sure, they can beat the Chiefs and the Saints but then fall vs. the Patriots. Weird team, regular offense, regular defense, they fall a little short for me. Check out the latest Las Vegas Raiders odds.
  • Los Angeles Chargers: I'm in the Herbert train, and I really like this roster from top to bottom. Head coach Anthony Lynn is the issue here; he has to go for this team to flourish. Check out the latest Los Angeles Chargers odds.
  • Carolina Panthers: Matt Rhule is doing fantastic work on the offensive side of the ball, and they have been McCaffrey-less, so it's something to applaud. Their defense is average, Carolina is a few seasons away from the playoffs, but on the right track. Check out the latest Carolina Panthers odds.
  • San Francisco 49ers: I won't punish the Niners. All the skill players present in NFC's Championship game last year are out for a considerable time in the offense. Yet, Kyle Shanahan and his genius playcalling have them at .500, but that's not good enough in the tough NFC West. Check out the latest San Francisco 49ers odds.

Bad Teams

These are just terrible football teams, plain and simple.

  • Cincinnati Bengals: So, can we please protect Joe Burrow? The rook's a baller, but he is getting banged up each and every week. Get an O-Line, and you can actually do something. Check out the latest Cincinnati Bengals odds.
  • New England Patriots: We knew the dynasty was going to end, but this is a disaster. Bill Belichick has little to no talent in the roster, and Cam Newton has been much flash but no substance. Check out the latest New England Patriots odds.
  • Houston Texans: Hey, at least Bill O'Brien is gone, and you've tied Deshaun Watson in the long run. You've got nothing else to be happy about, though. You might try to trade JJ Watt in the offseason to get some value and rebuild. Check out the latest Houston Texans odds.
  • Denver Broncos: They are bad but also banged from injuries. Drew Lock is a 50/50 QB, but next season should be better; they're covered in band-aids right now. Check out the latest Denver Broncos odds.
  • Detroit Lions: Just get rid of Matt Patricia, and they will instantly get better! So much wasted talent in the offense is frustrating. Check out the latest Detroit Lions odds.
  • Minnesota Vikings: Talk about paying the price of a bad offseason. Kirk Cousins is not the QB you need, and neither is that defense. Awful job from the Vikings this season. Check out the latest Minnesota Vikings odds.
  • Washington Football Team: No name and no danger. The offense really needs to improve massively. Credit to Ron Rivera and their defense, though, they are outstanding. Check out the latest Washington Football Team odds.
  • Atlanta Falcons: They fired Dan Quinn four years too late, but it's at least a step in the right direction. Not for this season, though, this one has gone to waste no matter what. Check out the latest Atlanta Falcons odds.

NFL Is Too Much For Us

If you are here, there's so much wrong with your franchise that no one should even call you a professional football team anymore.

  • Dallas Cowboys: You were wondering whether you should pay Dak or not? You've got your answer... Oh, and Mike McCarthy is no better than Jason Garret, so move on. Check out the latest Dallas Cowboys odds.
  • New York Giants: I think Joe Judge can be good, their defense is not that bad, but the offense is one of the worst in recent memory. Check out the latest New York Giants odds.
  • New York Jets: Everything in this franchise is wrong. From the front office to the head coach and the squad. They're aiming for that 0-16. In a franchise full of lows, this is a milestone for the Jets. Check out the latest New York Jets odds.

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