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NBA 2021 Odds: Who can dethrone the Lakers?

The NBA already announced their start of the 2021 season as the tip-off is scheduled for December 22. Thus, the question arises, after a dominant playoff performance by the Lakers (+250), is there a team strong enough to dethrone LeBron James and the LA Lakers?

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For this article, we're assuming rosters stay more or less the same as they were at the last game we saw them, at least their biggest names. So now, without any further ado, let's get into the Lakers' most significant threats for the upcoming season!

Los Angeles Clippers +450

The Clippers will have a new head coach and an absolute monster roster to face the season. They had it last year, they lacked the chemistry.

No more games for the Clippers, no more room for error. It's championship or bust for them. With Kawhi Leonard and Paul George still on the teams, their star-power is still there, but they are now under the scope after last year's playoff choke-job, especially from Paul George.

If they develop the chemistry they should, they are by far the Lakers' biggest threat in the upcoming NBA Season.

Miami Heat +1000

The current runner-ups are only getting better. They were the Cinderella story of last year's season, but now everyone takes them seriously. Add a few more experiences and depth pieces, and the Heat will undoubtedly be a threat in the East, and another run in the Finals will not be as easy for the Lakers.

Jimmy Butler solidified himself as a star in this league and became a clutch plenty of times. With Tyler Herro, Kendrick Nunn, and Duncan Robinson all coming into their second year, the Heat will be a more mature side, and a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference.

Golden State Warriors +550

If you think that the dynasty is dead, think again. The Warriors had an awful run since the 2019 Finals. But now, they not only have the best backcourt the NBA has ever seen with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson back in action. 

Oh, and if you don't think that's enough, they have the second overall pick in the NBA Draft. The Warriors are going to be not only back on track but are immediate contenders for the championship. They also have Andre Wiggins as a solid option, and Draymond Green will have plenty of time to recover his defensive prowess.

Brooklyn Nets +1000

Make no mistake about it, the Brooklyn Nets are championship or bust. You don't bring Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant just to compete; you get them to win a title.

Both have NBA rings and get along pretty well. Not only that, you have a playoff team already, now you add two absolute superstars, and Steve Nash as a head coach with Mike D'Antoni as an assistant, and this team is stacked. Give them some depth in the frontcourt positions, and the Nets might just demolish everyone, including the Lakers.

Denver Nuggets +1500

Denver needs a bit more depth. That's the thing, but this team has absolute clutch ballers in their squad. Jamal Murray had an eye-opener postseason in the Bubble, he emerged as a superstar in this league, and we all know what Nikola Jokic is capable of doing.

They have some promise in prospects like Bol Bol and Michael Porter Jr., who had an outstanding Bubble himself, but their roster is a bit thin, add some more perimeter offense and a defensive stopper, and this team is as good as any.

Milwaukee Bucks +700

We're assuming Giannis Antetokounmpo stays with the same core around him. Milwaukee is a tough series for anyone in this league, but man, do they need to step up come playoff time.

We saw a glimpse of what Khris Middleton can bring, but he had his best version when Giannis fell due to injury, and that's not going to cut it against tough competition.

The Greek Freak will get you there with a high seeding, but then the rest of the squad needs to improve their level. Otherwise, it's another dead-end season for them.

The NBA season will only have 72 games, so every single one of them counts, and seeding will become important again as there will be a home-court advantage as well.

The Lakers are the reigning champs, and LeBron and AD aren't looking to be a one-and-done team. The others will need to put their pedal to the metal to dethrone them. 

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