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2020 NBA Championship Futures Odds: Favorites to Win Title

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It’s the perfect time to analyze NBA futures odds to check out which teams oddsmakers believe are title contenders, and which ones they think are just pretenders.

NBA Championship Futures Odds:

West / Lakers – Clippers

Right now, the Lakers and the Clippers are both 3/1 to win the 2020 NBA title.

The Lakers signed Anthony Davis to play along LeBron James, and also added veterans such as Danny Green, Dwight Howard, and Avery Bradley. Such additions have paid them with great results as the yellow/purple team now marches in first place in the Western Conference with a 30-7 record.

Right now, the Lakers are favored with the best odds to win the NBA championship, but the other team in town, the Clippers, are also doing amazingly well, currently at 26-12. This despite sitting Kawhi Leonard for a total of 10 games due to load management. Most importantly, they are 2-0 versus LeBron’s squad.

The Clippers were a weaker team last season, but they want titles, and in that search for championships, they managed to bring in great talent, including Kawhi and also Paul George.

This LA team currently possesses the second-best record in the West, but they can get only the fourth seed due to divisional reasons.

Leonard’s team is still coming together as a solid squad. Despite that, they are right up there with the Lakers as the top favorites for the title. A big reason for that is Leonard, someone who’s a game-changer.

The Rockets are another team that can have a deep playoffs run, and even the chance to fight for the title. The team is currently 21-11 and possesses a lethal combination of talent in James Harden and Russell Westbrook.

The Jazz has also been accumulating lots of wins and is currently 24-12. They will likely be one of the teams that makes it to the postseason this year, probably as the fifth overall seed in the West.

Let’s also not forget about the Nuggets, who are driven by Nikola Jokic, and are currently 25-11.

East / The Bucks, Heat, Sixers

Apart from the two LA franchises, the third team with the most chances of getting the title are the Bucks. When the season started, many expected the 76ers to be the second favorites at this division, but surprisingly, the Bucks need to pay attention to the Heat. Miami is 26-10, and they currently hold the very best home record at 17 wins and just a single loss.

Philly, with a 24-14 record, is the third top team in the East to get the title. The 76ers act like two separate teams: At home, they carry a 17-2 record, but on the road, the Sixers are 7-12, and not even the talented Joel Embiid has been able to change those poor away performances.

So, do you think the championship trophy will be traveling from Toronto to LA? Or will it make a stop in Milwaukee and stay there for a full season?

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