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Type of Bets

Online Horse Racing Betting

Types of Bets

Online horse betting is extremely exciting and popular. While the majority of attention is focused on the classic horse races like the Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes) and the Breeder's Cup, incredible horse racing action is available year round.

Skybook Racebook has a variety of ways for you to bet on the ponies. Below is a guide to help explain each of the wager types. If you are new to horse betting or require further explanation or assistance with your racebook wager, please contact one of our friendly customer service agents.

Skybook Racebook has the following types of wagers available:

  • Straight Wagers
  • Exactas
  • Exacta Boxes
  • Quinellas
  • Daily Doubles
  • Pick 3 and Pick 4
  • Trifectas

*Restrictions apply.

Straight Wager

You can bet on a horse to:

  • Win: finish in 1st place
  • Place: finish in 2nd place
  • Show: finish in 3rd place

You can select your horse to win, place or show; or a combination of these categories. When you bet on all 3 of these categories, it is called betting "across the board" (win/place/show). Every selection constitutes a proposition you are saying will happen. Therefore, you must say how much you want to risk on each category, which may vary.

  • Min Bet: $5
  • Max Bet: $1,000 for Triple Crown; $200 for major tracks; $100 for smaller tracks
  • Full track odds up to $20,000 per customer, per race (post-up customers only)


Bet on which horse will win and which will place (1st and 2nd place) in the order you submit it. Example: 2 – 7; Horse #2 must win and #7 must place.

Exacta Boxes

Place a bet on 2 horses - 1 has to win and the other has to place. Grading is the same as it is for an exacta, but order doesn't matter. You have twice the number of winning combinations than with a simple exacta.

Example: If you bet on horse #2 and #3, and horse #2 wins and horse #3 places, or horse #3 wins and #2 places, you win.


Pick 2 horses in the same race to place 1st and 2nd in no particular order. A quinella is just like an Exacta Box, but costs half the amount and has a lower payout. We pay full track odds on track quinellas, up to $20,000 per race. We don't offer house quinellas or quinella wheels.

Partial Wheel Exacta

Pick 1 horse to win and multiple horses to place. The horse you select to win must come in 1st for you to win your wager. However, of the horses you selected to place, 1 must come in 2nd.

Example: 1/4, 5, 8; Horse #1 must win and horse #4, #5 or #8 must place.

Exacta Wheel

This is the same as the partial wheel, plus the reverse on each combination.

Example: 1/4, 5, 8; You win with the combinations 1 and 4, 1 and 5, 1 and 8 exactas and with the reverse - 4 with 1, 5 with 1 or 8 with 1.

Daily Double

Bet on which horse will win for 2 consecutive races.

3) 2
4) 5 – 9

$10 DD

There are 2 possible winning combinations. Horse #2 must win on the 3rd race, and #5 or #9 must win on the 4th race.