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NFL Draft 2020 Betting Odds, Predictions, and Picks

2020 will mark a milestone in what an NFL Draft is. Unprecedented scenes will take place from April 23 to April 25 as it will be a virtual setting to this year's new crop induction.

By being virtual, many football betting opportunities have opened to make it an avid playing experience for you. 

First, you have the usual Draft odds: who's getting picked when, over/under's per position in the first round, if there is going to be any trade, and more.

Here at, we provide you with a full betting guide for the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft! We also offer the best NFL betting odds and football betting prop bets. Register now to get a bonus on your deposit.

The first bet you should take is Tua Tagovailoa's positioning. His O/U is at 3.5, but the only team that needs a quarterback before Miami does at number five is Cincinnati at one, and they are picking Joe Burrow. So Miami can wait, and so can you, to draft Tua at five without sacrificing any picks. Take over 3.5.

You can take the O/U at 4.5 of quarterbacks taken in the first round. Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, and Justin Herbert are almost guaranteed top 10 picks, but Jordan Love is quite the enigma, but he can be taken at the latter stages of the first round. But no one else. So take Under 4.5, and you'll be able to cash some funds, although, at -900, the earnings aren't much.

One exciting play is the WR O/U, which is set at 5.5. This wideout class is as deep as it has ever been. The over is at -210, but with the likes of CeeDee Lamb, Henry Ruggs, Jerry Jeudy, Tee Higgins, and Justin Jefferson, that's at least five first-round quality prospects. One more and you can have some small but effective winnings in the first-round.

SEC is one of College Football's top conferences and, as such, is usually one with the highest Draft Picks, but how many can you get into the first-round?

With programs like Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, and Texas A&M, to mention a few, top-notch prospects are eager to go faster, and of course, you can bet on that. The Over/Under for conferences are available at SkyBook Sportsbook

In SEC's case, it's set at 15.5, and I think that may be a sleeper of a bet, as the over is at $134 per $100 put on the line. And I see at least 17 SEC players being drafted in the first round, so this is one you should be eager to play on that one.

Another exciting storyline developing in this Draft is: what are the New England Patriots going to do with their QB situation right now. The Patriots have the 23rd pick in the first round, and Jordan Love seems to be the prospect they should select to be the new QB1 of their team. 

Choosing the under 19.5 on Jordan Love is quite a good bargain if you ask me. Love is poised to be picked by the Patriots if available, and, after the Chargers' pick at sixth, no other team has to gamble on a new QB, so it could totally fall to the 23rd spot.

Offensive linemen are always high commodity when it comes to the NFL Draft, and there are some excellent prospects to go with the over 5.5, but their pay is $100 per $650 wagered.

NFL Draft gives surprises, weird decisions, exciting moves, and many more experiences. At, you can spice it even more by winning!

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