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2019 NBA Finals Raptors vs. Warriors Betting Odds

Check out our latest NBA Finals Betting Odds, but before that, here’s a quick read that will help you make your wagering selections in a better way.

It’s time for the NBA finals, and Warriors and Raptors are the chosen ones to battle for the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy!

Here’s how both teams made it to the NBA Finals this year!


This is the fifth straight trip to the NBA Finals for Golden State, and this is how they made it:

The Warriors took the Clippers down in six games in the first round. Then, they managed to beat the Rockets, also in six matches. Their last victim was the Trail Blazers, who fell to the Warriors in four straight games.

Now they have in front of them what’s probably their biggest challenge of the season: beating Kawhi “Jordan” Leonard and the Raptors.


When it comes to Toronto, they beat the Magic in five matches during the first round. Then it was Philadelphia’s turn, who fell to the Raptors in seven games. Next, it was the Bucks, a favorite to win it all, as they featured Giannis Antetokounmpo, an MVP-caliber player.

A tremendously important Game 5 road victory gave Toronto the impulse they needed to get another win at home, and lastly, an NBA Finals ticket.

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Raptors vs. Warriors Betting Odds: Game Predictions

The NBA Finals series starts at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, and so the Raptors are the clear favorites to take games 1 and 2 at home especially because they’re coming from a historic victory in front of their fans. With that said, many are giving the Warriors the championship, which means that a lot of basketball live odds are favoring the Warriors to get a series opener win on the road.

Beating the Raptors won’t be easy, particularly when checking the previous series, as the home team has been able to get the victory in 19 of the last 22 NBA Finals (including five straight).

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