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The Astros Need to Go Supernova Tonight vs the Nationals

The Astros are low in their spirits. Their aces were destroyed back-to-back, and this is a first for this team this season, precisely when these mistakes should not happen. If they get eliminated by a sweep, their front office will also be in turmoil. They need to win, and they need to win two, and those two are on the road — no easy task, not at all.

More mistakes are not allowed; they can’t afford them. Their big, fat wallets planned for success, for stardom, for glory. The Nationals are stealing their dream, giving them a much necessary dose of reality. Now they are two steps away from turning into a white-dwarf from the abyss.

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Sure, many teams have come back from a 0-2 deficit in a series, but not in this series, not in the World Series, not since the 1996 Yankees did it.

And stats get worse for the Astros when it comes to teams being down 0-2 after two straight home defeats, as only three clubs have done it: the 1985 Royals, the 1986 Mets, and those 1996 Yanks.

On the other hand, if Washington beats Houston tonight, it’s easy to picture Nats players and front office personnel all putting their champagne bottles on ice and just waiting for Patrick Corbin to help them uncork them tomorrow after game four.

World Series 2019: Who’ll Be Pitching Tonight /Greinke vs. Sanchez

If you’re betting on this game, knowing who the starting pitchers will be is paramount to make wise wagering decisions.

Nationals / Anibal Sanchez:

The original idea for Washington was to use Patrick Corbin in Game 3, and then use Sanchez in the fourth. All changed when Dave Martinez used Corbin as a reliever in Game 1, probably to rest him a bit for the second game of the series. And so that led Martinez to move Sanchez up a day to be the starter for Game 3.

Sanchez hasn’t pitched in two weeks, so he’s well-rested, and he has been pretty good as of late. He pitched two times during the postseason, and he’s the fourth starter the Nats needed. Someone they can confide in and someone that’s a symbol of what hasn’t been a super common occurrence in recent playoffs.

Astros / Zack Greinke:

Zack Greinke will be starting for the Astros, and it’s just difficult to comprehend the weight he has on his shoulders right now.

Greinke has been an ace his full career at the major leagues, and he’s also a future Hall of Famer and former Cy Young winner. He has underperformed this October, having allowed 10 earned runs in 14 innings in 3 starts. But he already faced the Nats this year as part of the Diamondbacks roster. At that point, the ace allowed just 2 hits over 7 scoreless innings. And this is precisely the kind of performance the Astros will need from him tonight.

So, here’s the current landscape for Houston: A 0-2 hole is workable, but if the Astros go 0-3 tonight, the party will be over for them.

World Series 2019: Who’s Favorite for Game 3?

Despite having won the first two games on the road, to the Astros, a former World Series champ, the Nationals aren’t getting the favorite love they deserve for game 3 of this current Fall Classic.

The reason is apparent: nobody believes the Astros will allow a third straight defeat.

With that said, the Nats are just slight underdogs, and anything can happen tonight.

Before the series started, the Astros were the clear favorites to win it all. And the reason is that they have the top 2 AL Cy Young candidates in Gerrit Cole and Justin Verlander.

But Washington has shown that these players and the rest of the Astros are human and beatable. So, can the Astros go supernova and exploit their talent in game 3, or will tonight’s game become the third nail in their World Series coffin?

How do you feel about this game? Do you like Houston for a comeback, or are you ready to bet on the Nationals to take the definitive lead?

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