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How to Bet on Baseball

Just like how baseball is a sport that can be broken into all kinds of statistics that go beyond just the number of runs scored and the wins and losses, so is betting on baseball, where bettors can go beyond just betting on which team will finish the game with the most runs. Here’s a short guide on the different ways you can try to make some money on baseball games.

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Baseball Money Line:

Betting the money line means picking the winner outright, but it isn’t as simple as just picking the heavy favorite every time. Picking the favored team will pay less than betting on the underdog, and the more heavily favored a team is, the less the payout will be.

For example, if a game line was Boston Red Sox +150 New York Yankees -200, that would mean a bettor would need to bet $200 on the favored Yankees to win $100, but a $100 bet on the underdog Red Sox would yield a $150 payout.

Baseball Run Line:

Betting the run line in MLB is like betting the point spread in other sports. The run line is always set at 1.5 runs, which means a bettor will either pick the favorite to win by two or more runs or the underdog to either win or to lose by no more than one run.

For example, if the run line were Los Angeles Angels +1.5 -135 Texas Rangers -1.5 +115, even though the Rangers may be the favorites on the money line, but the payout will be a lot greater if a bettor chooses the Rangers on the run line. That being said, the Rangers will need to outscore the Angels by two runs in order for the gambler to win.

Baseball Totals:

If you don’t want to pick a team to win or lose, you can bet the totals, where bettors will wager on the total number of runs that are scored by both teams by either choosing the over or the under. Money line bets are often attached to totals bets, giving bettors more of a chance to win.

For example, in a matchup between the Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies, the totals bet odds could be set at 7.5 OVER -115 7.5 UNDER -110. That means a better will need to choose whether both teams will combine for eight runs or more or seven runs or less.

Baseball Parlays:

Betting baseball parlays given bettors a chance to reap bigger rewards by taking bigger risks. Bettors can combine their bets, which will pay out much more if they hit on all their bets. At the same time, if one of their bets does not hit, then the bettor will walk away with nothing. With all the different ways to bet in baseball, there are many different combinations that bettors can make when betting parlays.

Some bettors like to bet parlays by combining different games on the money lines, but if you don’t want to have to keep track of several games at once, you can also bet a parlay on one game by combining the money line, run line or total in whatever combination you please. Betting different games at different times also allows you to hedge your bets to mitigate any potential losses.

Baseball Futures:

Like the name implies, betting baseball futures mean betting on events that haven’t happened yet that go beyond just the game at hand. There are many different options when betting futures, including total team wins, which teams will make the postseason, which teams will win the division, their conference pennant and, of course, the World Series. Bettors can also bet on individual players, like which player will be crowned the MVP, the home run leader or given the Cy Young award.

Baseball Prop Bets:

Prop bets allow bettors to make some bets that are a little more out of the box. Prop bets can vary from whether or not there will be a no-hitter or a perfect game thrown in a certain month, whether a player will have a four-homer game during a certain time frame or whether a player will hit for the cycle, to include a few examples.

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