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Win-Loss Predictions for The Current 2019 Top 5 NBA Teams

The NBA season it’s just getting started, and fans are already wondering which teams are the favorites to get the title this year.

Well, here we have a quick recount of those teams, including their win-loss figures (according to the experts).

5 - Los Angeles Clippers Odds (52-30)

Featuring the current MVP Kawhi Leonard and teammate Paul George. If both were in perfect health conditions entering the season, it would be easier to place this LA franchise at the number one spot in this list.

But Leonard is subjected to a “load management” schedule, which limited him to 60 matches last season, and so his ability to play 82 games is certainly in question. George also underwent shoulder surgery this summer, and he may not be at his best until mid-to-late November.

If there’s a team that’s able to handle some star absences, it’s the Clippers. This is a team with a lot of depth, thanks to other names such as Landry Shamet, Patrick Beverley, Montrezl Harrell, and Lou Williams.

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4 - Los Angeles Lakers Odds (53-29)

LeBron James and Anthony Davis can become the top duo in the league. But that will depend on how the rest of the Lakers roster performs along with them. The good news is that Danny Green, known as “Mr.Reliable,” is part of that roster. Green will be essential to space up the floor for AD and LeBron and keeping a good defense.

But apart from Green, there’s a question mark on the rest of the players from this team. One of the top questions is how healthy DeMarcus Cousins really is. Can he go back to be his old accurate self after rupturing his Achilles tendon?

And, will head coach Frank Vogel be able to turn the negative net rating from Avery Bradley and Rajon Rondo for the past three seasons into a positive?

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3- Milwaukee Bucks Odds (53-29)

Malcolm Brogdon is gone, and his absence is a significant one, as he was the second top player in this roster. The Bucks had to pay a combined $70 million to keep Brook Lopez, George Hill, Khris Middleton, and Eric Bledsoe. This means that the rest of the Bucks' roster that won 60-plus games last season is back.

Still, many doubt that this franchise can grab as many wins this time around. They need to get a title soon or the prospect of keeping Giannis Antetokounmpo long-term is in danger if they fail this year again.

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2- Denver Nuggets Odds (53-29)

Nikola Jokic is putting up crazy personal figures, and that’s why the Nuggets are projected to do so well this current season. Only Oscar Robertson and Larry Bird totaled more points, rebounds, and assists than Jokic in their first four seasons in the league.

Jokic’s numbers are even more impressive when we realize how many minutes each one of the stars above played during those first four years. Robertson played 13,615, Bird played 12,099, and Jokic played 8,718.

The truth is that if Jokic continues to play at this elite level, he’ll make of the Nuggets a title contender for many years to come.

But that will be particularly true if Nuggets' teammates Gary Harris, Jamal Murray, or even Michael Porter Jr. can rise with him.

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1 - Philadelphia 76ers Odds (55-27)

The 76ers have big stars like Joel Embiid and Al Horford, this is the team that has the most capacity to inflict damage on their opponents while amassing victories.

Embiid is just 25 years old, and he’s a star on the rise. But to be considered among the elite, he needs to improve his number of regular-season appearances. Last year he missed a total of 18 games and averaged only 30 matches per season since he became an NBA player five years ago. When Embiid was on the court, the Sixers’ numbers exploited. But in his absence, those same figures plummeted to almost half.

The good news for this franchise is that they also have Horford to complement for Embiid.

Last two years, Horford finished eighteenth and nineteenth in real plus-minus. He also possesses all-around skills as he’s good at shooting, passing, and defending, plus he also has a high basketball IQ.

Another player that can be essential for the aspirations of this team this season is Josh Richardson, who’s a solid perimeter defender.

Neither he or Horford will be able to reach the heights of the departed Jimmy Butler, but they can try their best.

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