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UEFA Champions: Arsenal vs. Barcelona!

The most anticipated and exciting match of this UEFA Champions League will be conducted on 16th February, 2011 in the Emirates Stadium, London, between Arsenal and Barcelona. Arsène Wenger and his team are surely waiting to welcome Gardiola and his group.
The home team Arsenal will be looking for revenge against the Barcelona as in their last meeting they lost 4-1 in the opponent’s home lair, quite possibly due to seven starters being out. Clichy and Alex Song are the strength in the home team. On the other hand Samir Nasri has been in fine form this season. He has displayed some brilliant talents and he will surely be the main threat to the opponents. 
Last season the teams encountered each other in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Arsenal drew 2-2 with Barcelona at Emirates but were conquered by the Catalan Giants 4-1 at Camp Nou. Arsenal’s three losses at home this season have come in the Premier League and they are undefeated in every other competition.
They have won all their home games except for two, both of which were draws. Arsenal have won all of their three matches in the Champions League with relative ease scoring fourteen goals along the way.
Also with the home crowd cheering them on Arsenal will look to make full use of their home field advantage because they have not lost a home game since the defeat against Tottenham back in November.
Last season Arsenal were beaten 4-1 by Barcelona in the second leg. Barcelona is a great team, possibly the greatest of the present teams. Barcelona will face the home team with assurance. In their last six games of this league they have managed four victories and two draws. There is no doubt that Messi will be on his firing line and with Villa and Pedro the attack seems to be flawless.
Even Arsenal should not forget the midfielder Xavi and defenders like Puyol and Alves. But Barcelona seems to lack excellence in substitutes. Their starting lineup might be fantastic and may feature some of the best players in the world but if there are injuries, they are lacking from the bench.
Though it’s a home den for Arsenal, odds go with the away team.