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Super Bowl Props, props, and more props!

It is estimated that every year roughly 200 million people bet over 10 billion dollars on the Super Bowl, making it the most bet on event in the world.

One of the reasons for the increased volume on the Super Bowl is due to the many different ways that someone can wager on the big game.
One of the more popular ways is the prop bet.
In sports gambling, a proposition bet (also known as a side bet, prop bet, prop or exotic bet) is a bet made on an outcome or a proposition of the game that could involve many different aspects of the game.
In the Super Bowl it can involve aspects that are outside of the field play. The closer it gets to kick off the more unique the prop bets become.
Skybook is the best place to wager on Super Bowl Props for the big game. Sky book has many great props from player props to team props, as well as some interesting unique props to make the big game even bigger!
Here are just a few props that Skybook has to offer.
Want to bet on the game before it even kicks off? Skybook has prop bets on the coin toss (head and tails both -115) and who will win the toss (Packers/Steelers -115 each).
Maybe you are a big fan of the most important player on the field, the quarterback. skybook.ag has dozens of prop bets on both Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger.
These props include, but are not limited to, who will throw the first touchdown, who will throw the first interception and a wide array of statistics to include rushing yardage, pass completions, and number of touchdown passes.
The Super Bowl is exciting to watch, but with the prop bets at Skybook, the game has been taken to a new level! Check out the long list of props today at Skybook and enjoy the big game!