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Federer vs Nadal Roland Garros 2019 Odds

If you’re looking for Federer vs Nadal Roland Garros 2019 Odds, here’s a quick match preview that will help you with your picks for the French Open semifinals. They haven’t played at this tourney since 2011, when Nadal beat the Swiss player in four sets. And according to online tennis betting lines, Nadal remains the favorite to get the win this year.

Indeed, thanks to his dominance on clay, the Spaniard holds an advantage over Federer. If Nadal manages to beat the Swiss, it will allow him to acquire his 12th French Open title since 2005. Beating the Spaniard on clay is a feat Federer has already accomplished, actually twice, but never at this tournament. And the best Grand Slam betting odds are hot because they are now meeting at the semifinals as they were sided on the same half of the draw.

Nadal’s Dominance Over Federer

There’s a clear reason why Federer vs Nadal French Open betting odds favor the tennis player from Spain… Well, actually, there are five:

2005: Victory for Nadal in four sets: Federer played well, but he was overwhelmed by Nadal’s strong performance, and end up offering too little in the final set. At this point, the Swiss player was still quite positive, feeling that he still had what was needed to beat the Spaniard. "My desire to win here is still massive. I thought I had the keys to beat him but I wasn’t at my best." Were the words of Federer after that match.

2006: Nadal Takes the Final in four sets: This was the second straight loss for Federer versus Nadal at this tourney, and the Swiss player was truly disappointed about this particular loss: I’m disappointed today, and I don’t care less about the way I’ve played over the last 10 months or 10 years. I wanted to win this match, and I didn’t succeed. He said.

2008: Another Win for Nadal, in Three Sets: At this point, Federer was playing at his lowest, in a very reserved way. And he was going against a very strong player in Nadal, who was fully dominant at this tourney and getting all the best Grand Slam betting odds on his favor.

2011: Nadal Beats Federer in Four Sets: The Swiss player was quite optimistic, as he had won the Coupe des Mousquetaires just two years prior. This time Federer was very competitive, pushing the Spaniard to the edge, but in the end, he still came up short.

Now it’s time for the Swiss to prove himself that he has what it takes to beat Nadal at this tourney, but the Spaniard is a big favorite, and that will be no easy task for Federer. If you enjoyed this quick reading, we invite you to register now and check out our Roland Garros lines, and get your bets on this semifinal game now!