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2020 US Elections Betting Odds, What to Expect?

The first debate of the 2020 US Presidential Elections was a freakshow, Trump threw temper tantrums, Biden wasn't able to speak his ideas properly -in great part due to Trump's interruptions- but no winner came out of this. No winner except us, gamblers because we now can see what the best bets are for the Elections on November 3. 

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The 2020 presidential debates are in jeopardy as current POTUS and Republican candidate Donald Trump has tested positive for Covid-19 and is at medical care after some complications. The White House has stated he is getting better, but it remains to be seen as to what will happen with the rest of the debates.

Nevertheless, debates or not, there is plenty to go through before we see who's going to take the Oval. There are also many odds shifting, changing, and moving since we are still a month away from the elections, and with all these things happening, there's only one way we, gamblers, can look at all this.

Usually, US election odds shift alongside the results of the debates and the different polls conducted, also as news broke out regarding the candidates or political parties. However, after Trump's illness, the odds might be a little more steady, it may be time for you to put your bet on the elections now!

By this point, you'll find strategic states with US elections odds and what to expect:

Ohio - Party To Win Electoral Vote

Many outlets have stated there is high uncertainty as to which political party will prevail when the votes are counted. That is precisely what the elections odds show as the Republicans are slight favorites, coming at -155, while the Biden-supporting-party, the Democrats, are the underdogs at +115.

Pennsylvania - Party To Win Electoral Vote

The north-eastern state of Pennsylvania has a clear favorite as of right now. The Democrats are going to run through the GOP in the elections. 

Donald Trump odds show the Republicans are the underdogs in Pennsylvania, going at a +220. Biden has 86% of probabilities to win the state, which points out the fact that the democrats are a -300 favorite.

Michigan - Party To Win Electoral Vote

Michigan has the Democrats party again as favorites. Even more than what they are at Pennsylvania, with Biden having a 92% chance of winning, which translates into a -350 in the odds.

Trump will have to pull a massive upset, as the Republicans have a +250 odds. The Republicans are not a "fan-favorite" in the Wolverine State.

Wisconsin - Party To Win Electoral Vote

The Democrats are putting an effort into this election. They want Trump out. One of their best places is the Cheese State, Wisconsin. 

With a 91% of probabilities for Biden to win in Wisconsin, it comes as no surprise that the Democratic Party comes as a -300 favorite to win. For Trump and the Republicans, it's a +220 on the odds to reflect their 9% of poll-driven-support for reelection.

Arizona - Party To Win Electoral Vote

On March 2, it looked like Trump was going to win in Arizona. Now, seven months later, it's Biden who has the upper hand. According to the polls, Biden is rising to 66% of the votes.

If we look at the elections odds, it's close. While the Democrats are still the favorites at -170, the Grand Old Party is a slight underdog at +130 to bet on the upset.

Texas - Party To Win Electoral Vote

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This is a red state, and there is not even a question about it. For what seems to be ages now, Texas and the Republicans are married. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Trump odds show he is as heavy of a favorite as he is. 

The election odds for the Grand Old Party are at -385. Even though the polls command a 79% for Trump, which is less than other states point at the Democrats, the odds consider Trump and Texas almost bulletproof.

If there's an election upset, it would be the Dems winning on the Lone Star State. Biden Odds are at +280.

New Hampshire - Party To Win Electoral Vote

The opposite of Texas, this is a Donkey Party State. This is a landslide on the polls and the odds for the Democrats. The polls mark a 91% for Biden, which translates to a -375 at Skybook's presidential elections odds. For a miraculous upset, Trump odds and the Republicans go at +275.

Rest of States

While Missouri, Alaska, Iowa, and South Carolina heavily favor the Republicans, other states favor the Democrats as well, Like Nevada or the mentioned above.

North Carolina and Florida are tied according to the odds, with both Dems and Republicans listed at -115. However, poll says Dems are slight ahead at Florida with a 51.8% of the votes, while in North Carolina is also close, with Biden projected at 50.8% against a 49.2% for Trump.

What To Expect?

As the political landscape of the elections is still unclear for one candidate or the other, you can focus on individual States like Texas, where the GOP is -385, or somewhere like Nevada, where the Dems are -420 to win clearly. Here at Skybook Sportsbook, you can check all the options available for the US 2020 Elections Odds! Register Now!