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2020 March Madness Betting Odds Tips

We are getting closer and closer to the 2020 March Madness, the most awaited tournament for college basketball fans!

This event is divided into four regions, East, West, Midwest, and South.

Each one of these regions comes with at least sixteen teams, and some additional ones, to complete a total of 68 squads, who will be competing to become the national champions.

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Single-Elimination Games

This is a seven-round tourney where, if you lose, you’re out.

And this is great for bettors because if you manage to handicap your bets correctly, you can get a lower-seeded team at plus cash, and clean up when the other team, the favored high seed they’re playing, fades out like a dying star.

When a low seed prevails, making it to the next round, these teams are referred to as “Cinderellas,” as they are underdogs that are performing way better than expected.

This is how everything goes down:

  • 1 – The First Four = This is to determine the four extra teams that will be participating in the tournament.
  • 2 – The First Round = 64 teams play each other to determine 32 winners.
  • 3 – The Second Round = 32 teams play each other to determine the 16 winners
  • 4 – The Regional Semifinals = Also known as the SWEET 16, these are sixteen teams competing to make it to the next round.
  • 5 – The Regional Finals = Also known as the ELITE EIGHT, these are the remaining eight teams, competing for a ticket to the next round.
  • 6 – The National Semifinals = Also known as the FINAL FOUR, these are the four best teams in the nation.
  • 7 – The National Championship = This is the game between the two finalists, to decide who takes the National NCAA Basketball title back home.

Betting On the Tourney

These are the options that you have available when you decide to get your action with the best 2020 March Madness Betting Odds:


When you pick a team to win, that’s it! For example, if the Spartans are facing the Blue Devils for an Elite 8 game, all you need to do is to pick up your favorite between Duke and Michigan State to win the game straight up.

Point Spread:

This is when you bet on a team to win or lose by a certain number of points that have been previously set up by a renowned sportsbook such as Here it would be best if you were looking at the number of points per game a team is averaging to handicap this wager in a better way.


This is a wager where you are betting on the combined score of both teams at the end of a given NCAA Basketball game. So, the sportsbook sets up a figure, such as 220, and you need to bet whether both teams are going to score more than 220 points or less than that. This way, you will be making a bet on the OVER or the UNDER.


This is a wagering alternative that allows you to get your action way before the actual date of a determined basketball game. For example, let’s say that we are in October, and you believe North Carolina has everything going for them to get the title. Then, you can make a bet on your future prediction. That way, you get the best possible early odds. And, if you’re chosen team is a tournament underdog, and they win, you will be set for a big payday.


This is when you combine several single wagers into a big bet for a better cash outcome. There are a few restrictions about betting parlays, but if you take your time and analyze your choices, you can end up getting a big win.

Live Betting:

This is when you get action while a game is still taking place. This form of betting is turning more and more popular with bettors every day. The reason is because of the opportunistic odds, which can vanish as soon as they appear. So, if you want to bet live, you should be pending about these fast March Madness Betting Odds to catch the best possible ones at the right time.

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