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The Wizards are a professional basketball team based out of Washington DC. The team is part of the Eastern Conference Southeast Division, and they play their matches at the Capital One Arena.

Washington Wizards Brief History

The team was born as the Chicago Packers, back in 1961, and were renamed the Zephyrs the very next season.

In 1963, the team relocated to Baltimore and became the Bullets. 10 years later, they were re-baptized as the Capital Bullets, reflecting their move to the Washington metropolitan area.

Then, in 1974, they became the Washington Bullets, and finally, in 1997, they became the Wizards.

The team has made it to four NBA Finals and managed to get the championship title back in 1978.

They have appeared at the playoffs a total of 28 times, have earned 4 conference titles, and also 7 division titles.

Their best season in terms of games won came in 1975 when they managed to finish the season with a 60-22 record.

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Washington Wizards Interesting Facts

  1. Michael Jordan played two seasons for the Wizards, just before he retired in 2003.
  2. The team has winning records over six NBA franchises: The Cavs, the Clippers, the Timberwolves, the Rockets, the Nets, and the Pelicans.

Washington Wizards Awards and Accomplishments:

  • Championships: 1 (1978)
  • Conference titles: 4 (1971, 1975, 1978, 1979)
  • Division titles: 7 (1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1979, 2017)

Washington Wizards Hall of Famers and Famous Players

Here’s a list of the top 3 Hall of Famers for the Washington Wizards:

Elvin Hayes: He’s part of the NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-Time Team, and also one of the players that led the Wizards to their only championship title to date in 1978.

  • 9 seasons with the Wizards, 12 times All-Star, averaged 21 points per game
  • Basketball Hall of Fame: Inducted in 1990
  • College Basketball Hall of Fame: Inducted in 2006

Gus Johnson: Known as “Honeycomb,” he spent most of his career with this team. Johnson was known for his outstanding blend of jumping, speed, ability, and strength on the court, and he’s also of the first dunk shot artists in the league.

  • 9 seasons with the Wizards, 5 times All-Star, averaged 17 points per game
  • Basketball Hall of Fame: Inducted in 2010

Walt Bellamy: He’s known for having had one of the top 3 rookie years in the league, averaging 31 points per game during his first year in the league.

  • 5 seasons with the Wizards, 4 times All-Star, averaged 27 points per game
  • Basketball Hall of Fame: Inducted in 1993
  • College Basketball Hall of Fame: Inducted in 2006

Washington Wizards Rivalries

The Celtics have a single main rivalry, and that’s against the Celtics.

Fans of the Wizards will tell you how much they hate the Boston franchise!

It all started in January 2016, when Jae Crowder received a technical foul in the very final minute of the Celtics’ 119-117 victory in Washington.

Apparently, coach Randy Wittman exchanged some words with Crowder, with the first one calling the second one “soft.”

And, things have never been the same for these two franchises since then.

In fact, it’s of notice that the Wizards always play their best hoops vs. Boston, no matter how they played the game before the one against a Celtics meeting.

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