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Welcome to the Simulation Sports Betting World!

Simulation Sports didn't come to take part. They came to take over. Now, you can bet and be fascinated by this new way of entertaining.

Simulation Sports are games played between the computer's AI (artificial intelligence). Us humans have no say on what happens during the competition. We just watch, bet, enjoy, and live it with emotion. Enjoy the best simulation sports betting action at Skybook. We have great bonuses for you when you fund your account. Get started today by registering your account.

Different from eSports, where two players or teams battle each other, Simulation Sports take two teams, equal settings, highest difficulty available, and let each other go to war with no human input whatsoever.

For example, Madden NFL, who has been the most significant Simulation Sports contributor at the moment, let's assume there is a Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals game. You don't have to worry about the talent of a gamer because there are no gamers. So your betting analysis is as similar to the one you would do in a real-life encounter between Chiefs and Bengals.

In Simulation Sports, you can place many kinds of bets:

  • Spread Lines
  • Money Lines
  • Over/Under Lines
  • Totals

Anything you would see in a real-life game, you can bet on Simulation Sports.

As of now, you can bet on games like Madden NFL, NBA2K20, and NHL 20. But be patient, we assume games like UFC 3, FIFA, or MLB: The Show may introduce themselves to this exciting new world.

And we know, every time something new comes along, doubts may arise. So we are here to tell you Simulation Sports betting is completely safe. The settings are set on default, no sliders are changed, it's a full-time match played (15 min quarters in Madden, 12 min quarters in NBA2K20, for example) and the bet is decided until the game is finished.

The results are purely based on the CPU's AI, which can't be manipulated. We work diligently to bring you the safest, most entertaining, and new ways of betting, so you can be confident this is a reliable way to make money.

As for the rules, Simulation Sports don't complicate. They are as followed:

  • A completely random computer simulation determines all results.
  • Games must be fully completed for bets to have action.
  • If, for any reason, the game goes offline, it will restart where it left off once the connection is back, so it doesn't lose the progress.
  • If the game fails to autosave, then all action up to that point will be lost, and all bets will be called as NO ACTION.
  • If connectivity cannot be re-established and the game hasn't finished yet, all bets will have NO ACTION.
  • First-half betting: The first half must be completed for bets to have action.
  • Second half betting: The bet description will show if the game will have second half wagering or not.
  • The second half betting includes possible overtime.