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Golf Betting Rules

  • Win Odds: Bets on a golfer to win the tournament at fixed odds.
  • Wagers on the Field: include any golfer not listed by name.
  • Match-Ups: Both golfers in the match-up must tee off in the tournament, otherwise the wager is considered no action and money is refunded. The winner is the golfer with the lowest score in equal rounds played. In the event a golfer misses the cut, withdraws, or is disqualified, the opposing golfer wins the match-up.
  • If a tournament is shortened or otherwise affected, the official result will be used when settling bets, regardless of the number of rounds played.

If 1 of more participants tie the following Tiebreakers will apply:

  • Tie Breaker #1: Player with best 4th round wins.
  • Tie Breaker #2: Player with best 3rd round wins.
  • Tie Breaker #3: Player with best 2nd round wins.
  • Tie Breaker #4: Player with best 1st round wins.

Special Handicap Head to Heads

Deduct handicap from final total to determine the winner. If a player withdraws after tee off or misses the cut, the player who plays the most holes wins. Playoffs do not count for handicap bets.