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Boxing Betting Rules, Lines on All Major Title Fights

Skybook offers the best boxing betting action, including straight money line betting as well as total rounds and many proposition bets. A fight is official after the sound of the bell that starts the 1st round.


  • 4 1/2 rounds means four full rounds plus ninety seconds of the fifth round.
  • All results are official by the result of the governing body on the day of the fight.
  • If a price is offered for a draw: in the event of a draw all bets on either boxer to win will be losers.
  • In round by round betting: if a boxer fails to answer the bell, the fight will be deemed to have ended in the previous round.
  • If the scheduled number of rounds is changed all "Pick the round" bets are void and bets refunded.
  • All bets on either boxer to win will be decided by judges’ decision, which includes points, Technical knockout (TKO), Knockout (KO) or disqualification.
  • Where a match is abandoned or postponed, but fought within 14 days of the original scheduled date, all bets stand. Once the 14 days have expired, all bets are void and a new line will be posted to pager on.