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Bonus & Promotions Rules

Sportsbook Bonuses & Promotions Rules

Bonus Eligibility

All of our bonuses and promotions are intended for recreational players, any customer who is deemed not to be a recreational player is not eligible for any bonuses or promotions of any kind at any time.
Customer who reside outside of the Americas need to contact our support team to verify if they are eligible to receive bonuses.
We reserve the right to deny or reverse any bonus and winnings derived from such bonuses at any time if we deem a customer not to be eligible to have received it.

Free Play Rules

Free plays can be used ONLY in the following wager types.

  1. Straight wagers on side, totals and money lines of eligible games
  2. Parlays up to a maximum of 3 teams
  3. Teasers up to a maximum of 2 teams
  4. Money Line values on any selection must be between -200 and +200.
  5. Buying points is not allowed in free plays.
  6. Free play funds cannot be used to bet Asian handicap lines in soccer.

Free plays will show separate from the customers cash balance and can only be used to wager on sports, rollover requirements must be completed in sports, no casino or horse action will count towards the rollover.


  1. Proposition bets or futures are not allowed
  2. Restricted games cannot be parlayed or teased
  3. Maximum wager limits established for each sporting event will apply when using a free play.
  4. Free plays are restricted to the Winnings Only. The free play amount risked will not be returned to the player when a free play wager results in a win for the client.

Important Notice:

Maximum winning amount allowed from any free play wager is $5000, any amount won above this figure will be reversed.

All rollover and hold periods must be completed before a withdrawal can be processed.

Rollover Calculation:

The formula for the rollover calculation for free play bonuses will be as follows:

Deposit + Transfer Fees (if any) + Free Play winnings (if any) x the specified rollover requirement of the bonus

Cash Bonus Rules

Cash bonuses are awarded as special offerings from time to time, and are extended for a limited time to eligible clients.
Rollover requirements must be met in sports, casino or horses depending on the specific bonus.
As with all bonuses and promotions offered by all rollover and play through periods must be completed before any withdrawal can be processed.

Rollover Calculation:

The formula for the rollover calculation for cash bonuses will be as follows:

Deposit + Transfer Fees (if any) + Cash Bonus x the specified rollover requirement of the bonus

Casino Bonuses are non cashable unless otherwise stipulated in the promotion.

Casino Bonus Rules

  1. Casino rebates may be requested from the 1st to the 5th of every month, for the amount of 10% based on the previous month's net losses vs deposits made during that month, and comes with a 5x rollover required of winnings prior to withdrawal.
  2. Casino Bonuses are exclusive to play in the casino (live or virtual), sports action does not count towards the rollover.

Referral Bonus

Terms and Restrictions:
General Terms

  • Referral account number must be provided at the time of the sign-up.
  • A valid ID will be required.
  • Referred accounts must be new accounts, duplicate or existing accounts do not qualify.
  • Only one account valid per household and IP address.
  • Referred accounts must make an initial deposit of at least $200.
  • Referral bonus requires a 5x rollover of the free play winnings before any withdrawal can be processed; otherwise the client will forfeit the bonuses and winnings coming from this promotion.
  • Promotion valid for North America, South America, Central America, or upon approval.
  • Referral account must contact us 5 days after the referred account has made the initial deposit.
  • Referral account must be active at least 2 weeks prior to the new sign-up.
  • Applies to 10% juice lines only.
  • Maximum referral bonus awarded is $375.
  • Casino action does not count towards the rollover.
  • *Further restrictions may apply for this promotion.*
  • For more information please contact our sales department at 1-888-759-2665.


  • The Reduced Juice Program is designed for recreational wagering only and it's only available to a select group of players. 
  • This discount is offered only during regular season and may only be used on full on NCAA football, NFL and NBA.
  • This program applies only to online wagers. 
  • Valid only for sides and totals. The maximum bet for sides is $1,000 and $500 for totals.
  • Management reserves the right to restrict and/or modify the terms of this promotion.

Bonus General Terms

  1. Promotions are limited to one per deposit, per person, account, household, email, telephone number; same payment account (e.g. moneybookers, neteller etc) and shared computer such as school, public library or workplace, no exceptions will be made to this rule.
  2. If a member has multiple accounts, all promotional credits and winnings generated from them will be null and void and will be deducted from the account.
  3. All promotional offerings are intended for recreational players only, reserves the right to award, deny o reverse any promotional offering to any customer at any time if it is determined that the customer is not eligible to participate in such promotion or was found to have abused our bonus and promotion program.
  4. Bonuses are only offered on new money, if a member has recently withdrawn funds from his account, the client will be required to make up the total amount of the payout in deposits before being eligible for a bonus.
  5. Customers who have recently taken a payout from any of our sister sites and have not since made up the payout amount in deposits will not be eligible for a bonus with
  6. In order to qualify for a bonus client must be in a lifetime net loss position; a client whose account is in a lifetime positive position will not be eligible for re-load bonuses.
  7. Bonuses are not credited automatically; client must contact Customer Service immediately upon having made the deposit in order to redeem any bonuses or promotions.
  8. Once a bonus has been accepted it cannot be forfeited by the customer and all terms and conditions stemming from it must be completed before any withdrawal can be processed.
  9. For rollover purposes the lesser amount between the risk and the win on each eligible wager is the one that is considered.
  10. Wagers placed with a free play do not count towards the rollover.
  11. Rollover calculations start from the moment the first wager is placed after a deposit has been made unless otherwise stipulated in the bonus terms and conditions.
  12. Rollover calculations do not include any pending wagers, only wagers that are finalized and have a status of win or loss are counted in the rollover report.
  13. Wagers that result in a cancelation due to suspended events or the wager resulting in a push or no action do not count towards the rollover.
  14. In the event that a Free Play wager results in a cancelation or no action the customer must contact our wagering department 1.888.889.4368 so the amount risked can be refunded to the client’s free play balance and allowed to be wagered at a later time.
  15. In the event that a customer funds his account while still having a balance from a previous deposit where a bonus was awarded, the client must then complete all rollover and holding periods required by each of these deposits before a withdrawal can be processed.
  16. Any customer who is awarded a promotion including no deposit promotions, contest winnings from affiliates or sponsor sites must comply with all terms and conditions of such promotion before any withdrawal can be processed.
  17. Promotions cannot be combined with other offerings or promotions.
  18. Limitations apply on circled and restricted games.
  19. considers wagering on both sides of the game using any form of promotional money (free play or cash bonus) fraudulent behavior. This includes making bets of this nature with anyone of our affiliate sites, and any money won from playing both sides of the same game will be deducted along with any other promotional money credited to the customer and may result in cancellation of the clients wagering account.
  20. Wagering on both sides of the same game for the sole purpose of completing a rollover requirement is absolutely prohibited and such wagers will not count towards the rollover and any winnings derived from such activity will be reversed.
  21. All promotional offerings and policies are solely at the discretion of and are subject to cancellation or modification without warning or prior notice.
  22. reserves the right to withdraw the availability of any and all offers to any customer at any time.
  23. These Bonus and Promotions rules will supersede any verbal or written offering of any employee of