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UEFA Champions League Wednesday's Games and Predictions

With Tuesday’s games in the history books, the UEFA Champions League continues today with two more great games. And so, with Manchester City defeating Dynamo thus passing through and with Atletico also gaining the victory against PSV, albeit in a lengthy shootout, we can all look forward to what promises to be a great day for football fans everywhere.

Barcelona FC vs Arsenal FC

  • Time: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 3:45 PM ET

Barcelona Betting

Barcelona has one foot in the quarterfinals already, having defeated Arsenal in England in the first leg, with a two goal advantage spearheaded by the amazing Lio Messi. All Barcelona has to do now, is hold on to the lead, which should prove too difficult considering how solid they’ve been at Camp Nou.

Barcelona has been practically unstoppable on their home pitch, winning 13 of the 14 games they’ve played on Camp Nou, while only drawing on one of those matches. They’ve also racked up an incredible 48 goals in that same span.

As if Lionel Messi wasn’t a force to be reckoned with, Barcelona also has Neymar Jr as well as Luis Suarez completing the deadly trident that powers their offense. And, though Gerard Pique will not be active in this game, having acquired a suspension, Barcelona still has the manpower to cut through Arsenal like a hot knife through butter.

Arsenal Betting

It’s practically an impossible mission for Arsenal to defeat Barcelona at Camp Nou. As if this weren’t enough, Arsenal will be playing without many key players who are out due to injury. This makes it to be a game which can likely turn into a blowout, as did Barcelona’s game against Getafe that they pummeled with 6 goals to nil.

Though Arsenal will give their best and not surrender easily, it just might be too much of a task to overcome. However, their mission is clear: Score three goals while allowing none. If Giroud or Walcott, their main men on point, can accomplish the scoring, the defense just might be able to hold against Messi’s, Suarez’ and Neymar’s attack.

Game Prediction: Barcelona wins 4-0

Bayern Munich vs Juventus FC

  • Time: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 3:45 PM ET

Bayern Betting

It looked like easy pickings for Bayern in the first leg’s game on Italian soil. However, though they put up two goals early on, Juventus then managed to tie the game and finished strong which hampered the Bavarian team’s hopes of having a clear lead heading into this game.

Bayern though, is playing back home and it’s something which gives them a major advantage considering how strongly they’ve defended their home pitch. They should be able to stop Juventus from doing much damage, but it will not be easy. Bayern needs either a 0-0 or a 1-1 draw to pass through and it’s something that’s within their reach.

Juventus Betting

Juventus has a solid shot at upsetting Bayern and passing through to the quarterfinals. Though giving up a couple of goals at home, they somehow managed to finish strong and tie the game. This undoubtedly gives the squad some motivation which they’ll carry into this game.

The Italians will focus on cracking Bayern’s shaky defense and win by a score of one. If they accomplish this, they’ll pass.

Paulo Dybala and Stefano Sturaro will have to be at their best, and with Chiellini back in the fold Juventus has a fair shot to make it through.

Game Prediction: Bayern passes in a 1-1 draw.