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2014 UEFA Champions League Games

The group stage of the 2014 UEFA Champions League is almost over, but a lot of clubs still have plenty to play for this week, because they are trying to earn the final spot in their respective groups, so we should have some interesting matches to watch. These are some of the games to look out for in the final week of group play.

Tuesday, December 9.

Benefica vs. Bayer Leverkusen

Benefica has no chance of advancing to the next round, but they can still cost Bayer Leverkusen a chance of winning the division, if they win this match. The winner of the Monaco vs. Zenit match will advance to the next round, but a win by Benefica also gives them the top spot in the group. Benefica lost the first match 3-1, and will be looking for some payback this time around.

Match Line: Bayer Leverkusen is favored to win the match; the money line is +145.

Personal Pick: Benefica will win a very competitive game.

Real Madrid vs. Ludogorets Razgrad

Real Madrid is currently undefeated in Group B, and has only allowed two goals in five matches, which makes this a very tough match for Razgrad, who need a win to have a chance of qualifying second in the group. Since they have already clinched a spot, Real Madrid might rest some of their players, which will be beneficial to Razgrad. Even if Razgrad finds a way to win this match, they still need Liverpool to defeat Basel FC, because their goal differential is very close.

Match Line: Real Madrid is heavily favored in this match; the money line is -946.

Personal Pick: Real Madrid will win this game easily.

Wednesday, December 10.

Chelsea vs. Sporting Lisbon

Chelsea has first place in Group G wrapped up, but this game still plays an important part in determining which team advances as the second place team in the group. If the game ends in a draw, and Schalke defeats Maribor, Lisbon will likely qualify based on their goal differential, but if Lisbon loses to Chelsea, Schalke can qualify for the next round with a win, which makes this a very important game for both teams.

Match Line: Chelsea is favored to win the match; the money line is -138.

Personal Pick: Chelsea already clinched their spot, and will rest some players, so the game will likely end in a draw.

FC Porto vs. Shakhtar Donetsk

This game doesn't have much on the line, because both teams have clinched the top two spots in Group H, but it should still be an exciting match between the two best teams in the group, who also happen to be the top scoring teams so far in group play. The first game was a thrilling match that ended in a 2-2 draw, after Porto scored a late penalty, and this game is expected to be better than that, making it a game that shouldn't be missed.

Match Line: FC Porto is favored to win this match; the money line is -118.

Personal Pick: Porto will win an exciting match.

Once these games have been played, fans should expect to see some very interesting matchups in the knockout stage.

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