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NCAA Betting Analysis Weekend

With the NCAA tournament fast approaching, teams are scrambling to make sure they are one of the 64 teams that are selected to play in the tournament, which makes this an exciting time for basketball fans. There are a lot of great games scheduled this weekend, and here are some of the games that shouldn't be missed.

Miami vs #12 Louisville

The Hurricanes looked like a lock for the tournament, but they have been very erratic lately, and will need a strong finish to earn a spot in the NCAA tournament. They are currently on a two game winning streak, but they lost to Louisville in their first meeting, and will try to avenge that loss, and get back in the top 25 with a win. The Hurricanes will also need to win the ACC tournament to get into the NCAA tournament.

The Cardinals looked like they were heading towards a top seed in the NCAA tournament, but they have lost two straight games, and three of their last four, and will need to fix their problems or face an early exit in the NCAA tournament. If they can win out, there is still a chance for them to get a number 1 or 2 seed in the tournament.

Pittsburgh vs Syracuse

The Panthers are fortunate to play in the ACC because despite their 6-7 conference record, they still have a chance to make the NCAA tournament, especially since Syracuse has banned their team from post season participation. Pittsburgh had a rough January, but the team bounced back in February, and have bug wins against Notre Dame and North Carolina on their resume, which could be the difference maker if they win the rest of their games. They will still need a good run in the ACC tournament to have a chance to make the big dance.

The Orange are 3-2 in their last five games, and would be a bubble team right now, if they were eligible to play in the NCAA tournament. Since they are not, the team is trying to put the distractions behind them, and finish the season on a high note, which should give them some confidence going into next season.

My Pick: The Panthers have lost five straight games on the road, which is why I have to go with the Orange to win the game.

Georgia vs Alabama

These two teams are on the outside looking in right now, in terms of the NCAA tournament. They are in the middle of the SEC standings, but still have a fighting chance. Georgia is only one game behind LSU for 5th in the conference, and if they manage to win out, they can overtake the Tigers in the standings. They will also need a strong performance in the SEC tournament, because nothing short of a win or second place finish can get them into the tournament.

Alabama has a tougher time than Georgia, because they are two games behind LSU, but they have a pretty easy schedule, so it is possible for them to pass the Tigers and Bulldogs in the standings. They too will need a win or second place finish in the SEC tournament to make the NCAA tournament.

My Pick: Alabama is playing better and will get the win against the Bulldogs.


#9 Utah vs Oregon

Utah has basically locked up a spot in the NCAA tournament, and are working on taking over first place in the Pac 12 from Arizona, who is half a game ahead of them in the standings. The Utes lost their only game to the Ducks in overtime last year, and will be trying to get some payback for that loss. Their chances of getting a number one seed in the NCAA tournament are slim right now, but they still can if they win the Pac 12 championship, and a few teams ahead of them lose.

Oregon is currently third in the Pac 12 right now, and the Ducks aren't guaranteed a spot in the NCAA tournament right now because of their record, and the fact that they are 0-4 against ranked teams this season. They can still make the tournament if they can win out, and have a good finish in the Pac 12 championship, but they need to get some victories against their ranked opponents to improve their chances.

My Pick: The Utes have lost five of their last six games against the Ducks, so I will go with the Ducks to win their sixth game in seven tries against Utah.