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NCAA Basketball Brackets and Predictions

The 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball tournament is scheduled to begin on March 17, but it's never too early to start trying to figure out which teams will make it to the tournament, and which teams will be left out. Since the conference tournaments haven't started yet, some of the teams on the list will change, depending on the outcome of their respective conference tournaments. This is a preview of what the tournament bracket will look like.


#1 Kentucky: The Wildcats are the only undefeated team in the country, and will get the overall top seeding in the tournament if the season ends today.

#2 Wisconsin: The Badgers are the top team in the Big Ten, and 5th in the polls, so they will likely be the second seed in the region.

#3 Notre Dame: The Irish are third in the ACC standings, and have wins over teams like Duke and North Carolina, which should earn them the third best seed in this region.

#4 Oklahoma: The Sooners are fourth in the Big 12 standings, which should earn them a high seed in the Midwest region.

#5 Wichita State: Although they play in the MVC, the Shockers are a very good team, and are ranked 11th in the polls, with a 26-3 record.


#1 Virginia: The Cavaliers are the second best team in the country, and have only one loss, so they will be the top seeded team in this region.

#2 Villanova: The Wildcats are the best team in the Big East, and only have two losses this year, which will help them get the second seed. They can still get a top seed if one of the teams ahead of them lose a game.

#3 Maryland: The Terrapins helped their cause for a top seed this week by defeating the Badgers, and will be one of the top seeded teams in this region.

#4 North Carolina: The Tar Heels are fifth in the ACC, but they will be one of the top seeds in this region because of the strength of their schedule.

#5 West Virginia: The Mountaineers have earned a top seed in this region thanks to their recent run of success, but they may drop down if they lose their next two games, which are against Baylor and Kansas.


#1 Gonzaga: The perpetual Cinderella team has gradually become a college basketball powerhouse. The Bulldogs are 3rd in the polls, which should earn them the top seed out west.

#2 Arizona: The Wildcats are on top of the Pac 12, and are ranked 7th in the country. They can still become the number 1 seed in this region if they win the Pac 12 tournament, because they have the same record as Gonzaga, and already defeated the Bulldogs this season.

#3. Louisville: The Cardinals are in fourth place in the ACC, but they had some big wins this year, in a very competitive conference, which should earn them the 3rd seed.

#4 Iowa State: The Cyclones are third in the Big 12, and have had some impressive wins this year, so they will get a top seed in the region.

#5 Arkansas: The Razorbacks are the second best team in the SEC, the only reason that they aren't a higher seed is because their conference isn't very strong.


#1 Duke: The Blue Devils are second in the ACC, and 4th nationally, which will earn them the top seed.

#2 Kansas: If the Jayhawks win the Big 12, they will earn the second seed.

#3 Utah: If the Utes can't win the Pac 12, they will likely get the third seed in this region.

#4 The second MVC team in the tournament bracket is currently 10th in the polls, and will get a high seed in the tournament.

#5 Georgetown: The Hoyas have been playing well lately, and are tied for second place in the Big East, which should earn them a top seed.