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Free Half-Point

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Free Half-Point Promotion

When betting on Football, never lose by a half point again!*

The free half-point allows you to improve your odds without spending an extra cent.


Program Terms and Conditions

  • Promotion available for customers on regular juice lines.
  • Applicable only on Phone wagers (Not available online).
  • Applies to straight wagers only.
  • The free half point is not applicable for wagers placed with Free Play funds.
  • Valid on NCAAF and NFL only on Fridays up to $500. Sides and Totals. (Full game only) Offer valid only during Regular Season.
  • Valid on NBA Monday through Friday from 9AM PST – 1PM PST. Offer valid only during Regular Season.
  • Does not apply when buying points or moving the line on / off the numbers 3, 7, or 10 in football.
  • Valid once per game, per customer. First bet only.
  • All paperwork must be in order for credit card depositors to receive a free half point.
  • Further restrictions may apply for this promotion

Disclaimer: Restrictions apply. The free half point program is designed for recreational wagering. We reserve the right to restrict or modify the terms of this promotion.

Register and then contact us at 1-888-SKY-BOOK (1-888-759-2665) to activate your free half point today!