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XFL Betting Odds: Get to Know Football’s Newest League

If you find yourself looking for alternatives to the NFL during the offseason to get your action on, don’t worry as the XFL has arrived!

We have prepared a helpful article to let you know everything relevant to this brand new league, to help you enjoy the best football betting action as always right here at Skybook. Register Now to get the best XFL odds and bonuses.

XFL League Background

This is a football project sponsored by Vince McMahon of WWE fame, and it’s its second incarnation after the terrible results of the XFL’s lone season from 2001.

McMahon lost a lot of money back then as the focus on entertainment and WWE flair, and not actual pro football, wasn’t well-received by fans of the sport. Now McMahon is at it again, investing millions in a project he believes can become a significant competitor to the NFL in the future.

XFL Teams

The XFL features a total of 8 teams, and also includes a “farm team” known only as “Team 9.”

West Division Teams:

  • Dallas Renegades
  • Houston Roughnecks
  • Los Angeles Wildcats
  • Seattle Dragons

East Division Teams:

  • DC Defenders
  • New York Guardians
  • St Louis BattleHawks
  • Tampa Bay Vipers

XFL Season Structure

The XFL will run a 10-Week regular season, with each of the teams in the league hosting a total of three home games plus three more on the road versus divisional rivals (twice vs. each team), to then play each remaining team in the league once.

And this is followed by a 2-week postseason, featuring the two divisional champs.

Teams consist of 52 players, similar to the 53 on an actual NFL team, and very different from the original 38-man squads from the 2001 XFL incarnation.

Players get to sign one-season contracts, after which they are free to sign with other teams within the XFL, or with other professional football leagues.

The big difference is that the XFL will be able to sign players that haven’t committed to the 3-year college football rule that exists between the NCAA and the NFL.

Currently, high school players must participate for three seasons in college programs before they get the chance to play pro football at the NFL.

Since this is not the rule with the XFL, very young talents will get the chance to jump into pro-action very early, allowing them to get proficient even faster.

XFL Notable Players


Landry Jones was the longtime backup for Ben Roethlisberger on the Steelers, but after the team cut him loose, he was given the chance of trying his talents at the XFL. Now he’s considered the very best player in the league, and will be playing alongside Cameron Artis-Payne, a running back who played for both Auburn and the Panthers.

DC Defenders:

Cardale Jones is a title-winning quarterback who used to play for the Buckeyes, and so he has a special place in the heart of Ohio State’s fans. He is joined by Matt Elam, a safety who was a first-round pick for the Ravens back in 2013.

Houston Roughnecks:

Sammie Coates was acquired by the Steelers to compete for the starting wide receiver position vs. Antonio Brown, but that never happened. With that said, Coats did finish 2016 with two touchdowns and 435 yards. Kony Ealy, a former Panthers player, is joining Coates as part of this roster. Ealy played Super Bowl 50, finishing that game with three sacks and a single interception.

Los Angeles Wildcats:

Josh Johnson played at the NFL for a long time as a backup and was given a chance to start for the Redskins four times back in 2018. Detroit tried to get this player back in November, but they were blocked by the XFL. Johnson is joined by Tre McBride, a wide receiver who played for both the Bears and the Titans.

New York Guardians:

Matt McGloin, the starting quarterback for this team, spent four seasons as the backup for the Raiders. He’s joined by Joe Horn Jr, who played briefly for the Ravens, and who’s also the son of Saints legend Joe Horn, a four-time Pro Bowler.

Seattle Dragons:

Keenan Reynolds jumped to the XFL straight from college, where he was a star of the Navy program. Reynolds finished his college career with 31 passing and 88 rushing touchdowns. Will Sutton, also part of this roster, earned the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year while playing for Arizona State.

St. Louis Battlehawks:

Christine Michael was drafted as a second-round player back in 2013. He played for the Seahawks back in 2016, finishing his run at the NFL with seven touchdowns. Matt Jones has joined Michael in St. Louis, and he’s a player who spent two seasons with the Redskins.

Tampa Bay Vipers:

Aaron Murray threw for 13,166 yards while playing for Georgia, and he continues to be the all-time leader in passing yards at the SEC. Murray is joined at the Vipers by Quinton Flowers, a quarterback / running back who was quite proficient while with South Florida, but who wasn’t able to carve a place for himself at the NFL.

XFL Betting Odds: Best and Worst Teams

According to those in the know, this is how the 8 XFL teams are ranked, from best to worst:

  • 1 - Renegades
  • 2 - Guardians
  • 3 - Vipers
  • 4 - Defenders
  • 5 - Wildcats
  • 6 - Roughnecks
  • 7 - Battlehawks
  • 8 - Dragons

So, are you ready to start rooting for one of these new XFL teams? Or are you just interested in the betting opportunities attached to this brand new football league? Register for a betting account here at Skybook.ag, and get your action now!