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Super Bowl 54 Betting Odds: Early Money Line, Spread and Totals

The Dolphins were one of the worst teams this season in the NFL, but thankfully, Super Bowl 54 will be taking place at Hard Rock Stadium, and they are not playing!

This year everything’s red and gold as the Chiefs will be playing as favorites versus the 49ers.

It’s Mahomes vs. Garoppolo on February 2!

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Betting The Money Line

  • San Francisco 49ers Ev
  • Kansas City Chiefs -120

As mentioned above, Kansas City is favorite, but by a slight margin. Mahomes has led a solid offensive lineup in the Chiefs’ latest games, and it’s difficult to believe that there’s a team that can stop them.

In fact, you can’t even dismiss this team when they are down on the scoreboard! This was clear after they outscored the Texans 51-7 after going down 24-0 in the first quarter. And they did the same with the Titans as they were losing 17-7 before outscoring Tennessee 35-24.

When it comes to the 49ers, this is a team that’s all about their defense, and they complement this with a powerful rush offense, a factor that will play in their favor versus Kansas City, a team that possesses one of the worst rush defenses in the NFL.

And so, even though the Chiefs are favorites, placing your money on either side straight up makes sense.

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Super Bowl 54 Betting Odds: The Spread

  • San Francisco 49ers +1-110
  • Kansas City Chiefs -1-110

Right now, Kansas City is 1 point favorites, with both spreads at -110.

Is it worth to take this spread, or it makes more sense to make a bet SU on the money line?

For those backing up the 49ers, the difference in payouts when it comes to betting the money line SU and the spread is a bit more significant.

Super Bowl 54 Betting Odds: The Over / Under

  • O54-110
  • U54-110

The total sits at 54 for this game at this moment.

Let’s not forget that the past two contests for the Chiefs have ended up with big, unexpected scores, with most of KC’s points scored during the second half.

So, the real choice between an over and under pick for this game really depends on whom you believe has the most chances of winning this contest.

If you think the Chiefs can win, then you should bet on the Over. And, if you feel that the 49ers will get the victory, then get your action on the Under.

Super Bowl 54 Betting Props: Coin Toss

Now, apart from regular bets, the Super Bowl also features all sorts of amazing props, and a fan favorite is the Coin Toss.

And so, people say that a bet is an actual coin toss, as you’re betting on the result of the coin toss at the beginning of the Super Bowl.

Just as you might expect from this sort of NFL wagers, the odds here are even. And the reason is that there is zero science involved here, just pure luck.

With that said, if you believe in trends, and use them as signals for your betting action, then you probably would love to know that tails have landed five of the last six seasons.

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