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NBA Playoffs 2018 – How Is The Picture Looking?

There are few days left until the NBA Playoffs 2018; but, while last year everyone was gearing to watch another battle between the Cavs and Warriors, this year things are as jumbled as the world according to Trump.

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Let’s take a look at the NBA playoff picture.

NBA Eastern Conference

Toronto Raptors – No. 1 Seed

Toronto has bagged their berth in the playoffs; but, they’ve also lost their last three games including one to Boston which means they’re only one game ahead of the Celtics.

Even if Boston’s recent loss to the Bucs somewhat kept them ahead, they play the Celtics tonight and things could slip from the Raptors’ fingers. Their hold on the No. 1 seed is as slippery as an oiled eel.

Boston Celtics – No. 2 Seed

Boston’s loss to Milwaukee was a stumbling stone, but the Celtics are still pretty much winning more than not even without Kyrie Irving.

And, they have a lot of motivation to win tonight because it’ll cut the Raptors’ lead to one game. 

Cleveland Cavaliers – No. 3 Seed

Cleveland bagged a big win over the Raptors. They’ve also won four games in a row so you should expect King LeBron to prod his team into winning to keep their lead on Philadelphia.

Philadelphia 76ers – No. 4 Seed

The Sixers are just one game behind Cleveland for the third seed; then again, they’re only one game ahead of the Pacers for seed No. 4.

Indiana Pacers – No. 5 Seed

For all intents and purposes, the Pacers are leagues ahead of the sixth-seeded Wizards.

Indiana has practically locked in the No. 5 seed, but they could have secured their spot if they had beat the Nuggets in their last game. 

What’s Left?

There’s a three-way fight between Washington, Miami, and Milwaukee for seeds 6, 7, and 8.

Washington is slipping and sliding and has lost their last two games. The Heat skipped ahead of the Wizards and holds seed No. 6 while the Bucks defeated the Celtics and are a stone’s throw from Miami.

Western Conference

Houston Rockets – No. 1 Seed

The Rockets are sitting pretty on the No. 1 overall seed.

But, once the playoffs get going it’s anyone’s game and nothing is certain.

With the quality of teams fighting in the Western Conference, it’s likely the Rockets will sweat blood and tears before they make it to even close to the Finals.

It’s been a while since the Warriors are the favorites to win the conference though which should tell you something about the Rockets.

Golden State Warriors – No. 2 Seed

The Warriors are a lock for the playoffs as the No. 2 seed; but, right now they’re probably more concerned in keeping their players healthy for the long road ahead.

While Durant and Thompson are back, Curry will likely miss the first round because of a Grade 2 MCL sprain in his left knee.

Portland Trail Blazers – No. 3 Seed

The Trail Blazers are within earshot of securing the No. 3 seed in the West and already have their spot in the playoffs.

They slipped a bit in losing to the Mavericks in their last game, but still are ahead of the Jazz and Spurs.

Utah Jazz – No. 4 Seed

The Jazz has elbowed their way into the logjam by winning their last three matches.

But, they also have one of the toughest schedules ahead and could stumble and fall.

However, should the Warriors and Trail Blazers, two teams on their schedule, rest their players it might give the Jazz a bigger opening to sneak into the No. 4 spot or better. 

San Antonio Spurs – No. 5 Seed

San Antonio’s win over the Rockets was huge. But, it was short lived because then they lost to the Clippers in their next game.

They now find themselves in a head-to-head fight with the Thunder and will have to scramble to win in a complicated schedule that includes games against Portland and New Orleans.

Oklahoma City Thunder – No. 6 Seed

The Thunder won over New Orleans on Sunday but lost their last game to the Warriors.

This means that the bottom half of the conference is a crap shoot that could boot OKC out of the playoffs. 

What’s Left?

The remaining seeds are a complicated matter.

The Timberwolves lead the Pelicans and Nuggets by just one game.

New Orleans is on a slippery slope after losing their last four games while the Nuggets have won their last three games.

None of these teams have a secure spot as it stands and they’ll have to fight tooth and claw if they’re to make the playoffs.

The only thing left to say is that the NBA Playoffs 2018 is a beautiful mess. 

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