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Super Bowl 50 Recap: Broncos Over Panthers

Even the best offense in the NFL, couldn’t get by the vice-like grip of the Denver Broncos’ defensive unit. And thus, were the Super Bowl 50 Champions crowned by the hands of a showing of great football.

This isn’t to say the game wasn’t kept close by the Carolina Panthers. However, play after play was stopped short and sack after sack was handed to Cam Newton, ending in the frustration and surprise of Panthers’ fans everywhere.

If this was truly Peyton Manning’s last season, he himself recognizes that winning came down to his team’s defense. Manning, in fact, said as much: “…from the get-go, our defense has gotten us to this point, let’s make that very clear.” Perhaps, what’s even more impressive is that despite being out maneuvered in every postseason game, the defense pulled through in spades.

Thanks to Von Miller and the stifling Broncos’ defense, Manning was able to hoist, for the second time in his career, the Vince Lombardi trophy (it should be noted, that he’s also the second quarterback in the history of the NFL who wins the Super Bowl playing in two different franchises).

It’s also the third time the Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl. Their last time was back in 1999, when now general manager John Elway was its quarterback. Elway commented: “They just kept getting stronger and stronger in the playoffs. I couldn’t be more proud of them and I’m really happy for them because that’s the best defense I’ve ever seen.”

Not enough credit can be given to Denver’s defense in this victory, which ended in a score of 24-10. In fact, the Panthers were held to their lowest scoring output of their 19 game campaign. Von Miller, the Super Bowl 50 MVP, was Carolina’s, and Cam Newton’s, torment. Adding a 2-yard rushing touchdown from C.J. Anderson -- in addition to a defensive score and three field goals from kicker Brandon McManus -- gave the Denver Broncos the win.

Cam Newton had no respite during the entire game. Despite being named the league’s MVP, Newton was unable to crown the Panther’s stellar season with a win. Miller ripped the ball away from Newton’s hands twice, one ending in a touchdown and the other leading to the score that would seal the fate of the game. Newton was sacked a total of seven times.

But, it wasn’t only Von Miller who played great defense, when Miller wasn’t swarming Newton it was DeMarcus Ware (who had two of the seven sacks). Denver’s defense was the best in the league throughout the entire season, one that stifled quarterback after quarterback, including Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Conference Championship.

The mighty Carolina offense, the best in the league scoring 500 points during the season, and favored by 5.5 points in the sportsbooks, was kept to their lowest scoring outcome. It’s the second time the Panthers lose in the Super Bowl, the first being against the Patriots back in 2004 by a score of 32-29.

It was truly a great game. One that will go down in history as proof that it’s defense that wins championships.