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NFL Highlights For Week 13

With the playoffs around the corner, the remaining games on the NFL schedule have more significance for the teams in the hunt. This week, there are a few teams that are trying to improve their positioning, and we take a look at the teams they have to play to do so.

Washington Redskins (3-8) vs. Indianapolis Colts (7-4), Sunday, November 30, 1 PM. ET. FOX.

The Redskins are using these final games to decide if Robert Griffin III is their answer at the quarterback position, or if they should start looking forward to next year's draft. They will face a tough Indianapolis team trying to earn a first round bye, so they have to be at their best to win this game.

The Colts struggled without the injured Ahmad Bradshaw against the Jaguars, but still won the game convincingly, but will need some heroics from Andrew Luck against a Redskins defense that played well against the 49ers on Sunday. 

Game Line: The Colts are favored to win the game by 10 points, the Over/Under is 51 points.

Personal Pick: The Colts are a very good team at home, and will defeat a game Redskins team.

New England Patriots (9-2) vs. Green Bay Packers (8-3), Sunday, November 30, 4:25 PM. ET. 

The Patriots will be going for their 8th straight win when they play the Packers on Sunday. Their offense has finally come to life, after struggling early in the season, but they will need their defense to try and slow down the Packer offense, which has scored over 100 points in their last three games.

The Packers have also been playing well, and have won seven of eight games. Their only loss in that stretch came against the Saints, because they couldn't stop the run in that game, and they will need to play good run defense against the Patriots, who are one of the better running teams in the league.

Game Line: The Packers are favored to win this game by 3 points, the Over/Under is 58 points.

Personal Pick: The Patriots will get a close win in a hostile environment.

Denver Broncos (8-3) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (7-4), Sunday, November 30, 8:30 PM. ET. NBC.

The Broncos are trying to win their fourth straight AFC West title, but will need a win at Kansas City, which will give them a two game lead in the division, with four games to play. Their defense wasn't very good against the Miami Dolphins, and if they don't play better against Kansas City, they will lose the game.

Kansas City is one of the hottest teams in the AFC, but they stumbled against the Oakland Raiders on Thursday, losses that can come back and haunt them, if they don't defeat Denver on Sunday night. They will need to get their running game back on track to have a chance to defeat the Broncos.

Game Line: The Broncos are favored to win by 1 point, the Over/Under is 49.5 points.

The Chiefs have been a tough team to defeat at home, and will win a close game against Denver.

Miami Dolphins (6-5) vs. New York Jets (2-9), Monday, December 1, 8:30 PM. ET. ESPN.

The Dolphins missed a good opportunity to improve their playoff chances when they blew a big lead on the road against Denver, they will try to avoid making the same mistake against their AFC East rivals, who will have an upset on their minds, after their disappointing defeat to the Bills.

The Jets season is essentially over, but Rex Ryan has always motivated his players to play hard late in the season, even when they don't have much at stake except their prides. They will try to finish the season on a high note, by winning their remaining games, starting Monday night against Miami.

Game Line: The Dolphins are favored to win the game by 5.5 points, the Over/Under is 42 points.

The Jets will play hard, but the Dolphins will find a way to win the game.

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