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NFL Championship Games Betting Insights

The two teams that will play in the Super Bowl this season will be determined this weekend, when the final four teams left in the playoffs meet in their respective conference championship games. Here is a quick look at the upcoming championship games this weekend.

Green Bay Packers (13-4), vs. Seattle Seahawks (13-4) NFC Championship Game, Sunday, January 18, 3:05 PM. ET.

The Packers lost the first game of the season in Seattle, because they were unable to stop the run, and they also made a conscious effort not to throw in the direction of Richard Sherman, which left them with only half of the field to operate. This time around, they will be expected to have learned from their mistakes in that game, and stick to the gameplan that helped them win 11 of their final 13 games.

Aaron Rodgers' mobility has been limited due to a calf injury, but he was able to stay in the pocket, and hit his receivers with precision against the Cowboys in the Divisional round, and the Packers will need more of the same from him in this game. Eddie Lacy, who left the first game against Seattle early, due to a concussion, will also be expected to carry a lot of the workload offensively, so they won't be one dimensional, which would allow Seattle to blitz Rodgers mercilessly.

The Seahawks also had their early season struggles, and were 3-3 at a point during the season. A big reason for that was that they were dealing with a few injuries on defense, and because they went away from their running game, and tried to throw the ball more, but they have since gone back to their power running game, which has helped them turn things around.

In their Divisional round playoff game against the Carolina Panthers, the Seahawks offense was held in check by Carolina for most of the game, limiting them to 14 points in three quarters. In the fourth quarter, the Seahawks were able to score 10 points on offense, and Kam Chancellor returned a Cam Newton interception 91 yards for a touchdown, to seal the victory.

Against Green Bay, the Seahawks will do what worked well for them in the first game, which was running the ball, and will also be counting on their defense, which has played very well lately, to step up once again, and lead them to the Super Bowl.

Game Line: The Seahawks are favored to win this game by 7.5 points, the Over/Under is 46.5 points.

Personal Pick: The Packers will give a better effort this time around, but it still won't be enough to defeat the Seahawks.

Indianapolis Colts (13-5) vs. New England Patriots (13-4), AFC Championship Game, Sunday, January 18, 6:40 PM. ET.

The Colts are back in the AFC Championship game for the first time since 2012, which is also their first appearance since they drafted Andrew Luck. The team has managed to improve on their previous year's playoff results for two consecutive seasons, but aren't satisfied with just getting better, they will be trying to earn a trip to the Super Bowl by defeating the Patriots.

In their first meeting with New England, the Patriots won the game rather easily, because the Colts were unable to stop the run, which helped the Patriots control the clock, and keep the Colts offense on the sidelines. This time around, they will have to find a way to prevent the Patriots from running at will, and give their offense a chance.

The Patriots lost to Denver in the AFC Championship game, last season, and vowed to get the top seed this year, so they can host the game at their stadium. Now that they have earned the home field advantage, the only things standing between them and the Super Bowl, are the Indianapolis Colts.

The Patriots have defeated Andrew Luck and the Colts twice in the past two seasons, so they will be feeling confident going into the game. They will try to use a similar gameplan to the one they used against them earlier in the season, but they probably won't have as much success as they had then, because the Colts run defense has improved since then, meaning Tom Brady may have to carry the team, if the running game is not effective.

Game Line: The Patriots are favored to win this game by 7 points, the Over/Under is 53.5 points.

Personal Pick: The Patriots are a very experienced team, and will find a way to get the win.