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NFL Analysis For Week 15

Week 15 of the NFL season will be very important for the few teams that are still trying to make a playoff run, because they will either improve their chances, or have their chances eliminated by the time the weekend is over. These are some of the teams that have a lot at stake this week.

Green Bay Packers (10-3) vs. Buffalo Bills (7-6), Sunday, December 14, 1 PM. ET. FOX.

The Packers are already in the playoffs, but they still have the number one seed in the NFC at stake, so they can't afford to lose this game, if they don't want to play at Arizona or Seattle during the playoffs. Aaron Rodgers will be going up against a Buffalo pass defense that has limited their last three opposing quarterbacks, which includes league MVP Peyton Manning, to less than 200 yards, and zero touchdowns in their last three games.

The Bills are on the fringe of the playoffs, so they need to win all their remaining games, to give them a fighting chance to make the playoffs. Kyle Orton should be able to get some yards through the air against the Packers defense, but he has to take better care of the ball, after throwing two interceptions last week.

Game Line: The Packers are favored to win this game by 4.5 points, the Over/Under is 50.5 points.

Personal Pick: The Bills will put up a good fight, but it won't be enough to stop the red hot Packers.

Denver Broncos (10-3) vs. San Diego Chargers (8-5), Sunday, December 14, 4:05 PM. ET. CBS.

The Broncos are fighting for the number one seed in the AFC playoffs with the New England Patriots, and can't afford to finish the season with the same record as them, because the Patriots won the head to head meeting, and would clinch the top seed if they finish tied, so Denver needs to win this game.

The Chargers lost the first game to Denver, but their playoff lives depend on them getting a win here, so they will come out ready to play. Phillip Rivers usually plays well against Denver, and will have to do so again if they are to win the game, because their running game isn't very good right now.

Game Line: The Broncos are favored to win this game by 4 points, the Over/Under is 50.5 points.

Personal Pick: The Chargers will keep their playoff hopes alive with a win against the Broncos.

Dallas Cowboys (9-4) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (9-4), Sunday, December 14, 8:30 PM. ET. NBC.

The Cowboys are currently seventh in the NFC playoff standings, and need a win against their NFC East rivals to get back in the playoffs. They were defeated pretty soundly by the Eagles in their first meeting, because Philadelphia managed to shut DeMarco Murray down, holding him to less that 100 yards in the game, forcing Tony Romo to beat them, which he couldn't. The Cowboys will try to focus more on running the ball this time around, and hope for better results.

The Eagles are in the driver's seat in terms of their playoff destiny right now, and will win the NFC East for the second straight year, if they can win their remaining three games. They will face a more desperate Dallas team than they did two weeks ago, but will need to be ready for whatever gets thrown their way, and get the win.

Game Line: The Eagles are favored to win this game by 3.5 points, the Over/Under is 55 points.

Personal Pick: The Eagles will get the win, and put a big dent in the Cowboys postseason plans.

New Orleans Saints (5-8) vs. Chicago Bears (5-8), Monday, December 15, 8:30 PM.ET. ESPN.

The Saints have been a disappointing team this season, but they still have a chance to win their division, and make it into the playoffs, which gives their fans some hope that they can turn things around once they are in the playoffs. They will need to bounce back from their embarrassing home loss to the Panthers, and defeat the Bears, to have a chance to win the division.

The Bears have also had a rough season, but they get a chance to play spoiler, and give the Saints a loss they can't afford to have right now. They will be able to run the ball against the Saints, who gave up over 250 yards last week, but Jay Cutler will need to protect the ball better than he has all season, for the Bears to have a chance in this game.

Game Line: The Saints are favored to win by 3 points, the Over/Under is 54 points.

Personal Pick: This will be a close contest, but the Saints will get the rare win on the road.

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