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Dolphins Against Bills - Thursday Night Football

The Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins game on Thursday November 13th, 2014, will be a rematch of the second week's game when the Buffalo Bills topped the Miami Dolphins 29- 10 at home. Now, in the second half of the season, the Dolphins have really been playing great football, managing to win their last 3 games with the help of their running back L. Miller, who is currently number 10 in the league, in rushing yards and with their improving defense that has managed to get them 10 turnovers in those three wins.

The Miami Dolphins

Currently sitting at 5-3, 2-2 in away games has an bye game this week. 15 in total yards offense, 3rd in defense for offensive yards allowed, and 5th in rushing yards. They have managed to beat the following winning record teams: Patriots and Chargers (impressive game by blowing them out, 37-0) Upcoming game is against the 6-2 Lions.

The Buffalo Bills

Currently sitting at 5-3, 3-1 in away games, is away at Miami against the Dolphins whom they beat 29 - 10 at home on September 13, 2014. The Buffalo Bills, has an upcoming tough game against Kansas City Chiefs, who currently sits at 5-3 (2nd in AFC West) who ranks 6th in rush yards and 1st in defensive pass yards allowed. The Bills are coming off a bye and 2 straight wins. 28th ranked in total yards offense, 7th in offense yard allowed ( most sacks (28) in the league and second most takeaways (18) ) and only gives up 98 total rush yards a game, sitting at 8th in the league in this category. During the season they have managed to beat the following winning record teams: Dolphins and Lions (Miami's upcoming game) (6-2).

Both sitting at a .625 win percentage and both have an upcoming tough game against winning teams. Miami Dolphins (3 game win streak), and Buffalo Bills (2 game win streak) are both playing fairly well. It's interesting to see which team can keep its winning streak alive, going forward into the match between each other, which will be a match of Buffalo's defense and the Dolphins offensive. However, although the Bills are 28th in total offensive yards, their high performing receiver Sammy Walkins is coming off 2 straight games with 100+ yards catching and looks to continue this streak way pass the upcoming game with the Chiefs. With the Dolphins managing 7 interceptions in their last 3 victories, they may just have something to say about that 100+ yards a game streak held by Mr. Walkins.

The first time these team's played, passing was yards was not too far off  from each other - 241 - Tannehill and 202 - Manuel Rushing  - Miller - 46 yards (Currently number 10 in total rush yards) and, C. Spiller - 69 (40 in the league in rushing yards) S. Watkins managed 117 yds. and a TD in the Buffalo Bills win - 29 -10

Orton is currently having success at the quarterback position, during the Bills two game win streak.  238 yards and 4 td against Jets and, 283 and 2 TD against the Vikings. In these two wins, Buffalo managed 8 turnovers. The Miami Dolphins on the other hand has managed 10 total turnovers in their 3 game win streak, with R. Tannhill, who is also playing well in their 3 game win streak. 288 yards and 3 TD against San Diego Chargers, 221 yards and TD against Jacksonville Jaguars and, 277 yds. and 2 TD against Chicago Bears. R. Tannhill has been able to put together multiple strings of plays, two being, 21 consecutive successful plays, during this win streak. It will be very interesting to see how well these two teams play against each other's momentum, if it holds up after their tough games in week 10.

With Buffalo Bills top ranked defense, it will be very difficult for the Miami Dolphins to have the success that they have been having against previous teams who do not quite rank up near the statistics of Buffalo Bills. After week 10's results against the Lions, who ranks first in the NFL in defensive yard allowed a game, fifth in passing yards allowed and fifth in interception percentage, it would allow for a fairer determination on who will prevail. At this point, I do not think the Dolphins offense - although have had some successful games lately - can match up with the defense of the Buffalo Bills. Just as the first game resulted in a win for the Buffalo Bills over Miami Dolphins, I have confidence up unto this point that the second meet between the two teams will result in a win for the Buffalo Bills.

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