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College Football Betting Previews and Analysis

The college football selection committee released the final rankings for the NCAA college football playoffs on Sunday, and as expected, there are plenty of discussions going on right now, about the teams selected, and if the committee got it right.

These discussions were expected to happen, because there was always going to be one or two teams that feel left out of the playoffs, unless there were four undefeated teams that obviously deserved it at the end of the season, which is what makes college football great. The discussions would have been even louder if the BCS system was still in place, because Florida State was the only undefeated team, and would have likely been selected to play in the national championship game, but after them, there were five one loss teams, and four of them would have been very upset they got left out of the championship game.

Thanks to the new system, only two teams were disappointed by the final rankings, and according to the selection committee, they can blame the fact that they don't have a conference championship game, and an outright conference champion, for them being left out of the playoffs, which is something the Big 12 needs to address in the offseason, by either adding two teams to their conference, so they have the 12 teams required to play a conference championship game, or by applying for a waiver from the NCAA, which is something they have attempted to do in the past unsuccessfully.

In the final rankings, Alabama remained the number one seed, followed by Oregon at number two, Florida State at number three, and Ohio State at number four, thanks to their impressive 59-0 win over #13. Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship game. This means that Alabama will play Ohio State in the semifinal to be played at the Sugar Bowl, while Oregon will play their semifinal game against Florida State in the Rose Bowl, on New Year's day.

#2. Oregon Ducks vs. #3. Florida State Seminoles, Rose Bowl, Thursday, January 1, 5 PM. ET.

After suffering disappointing losses that cost them the opportunity to get back into the national championship in previous years, Oregon has a golden opportunity on their hands, but will have to go through the defending national champions to get there. A lot of people have doubted Florida State this season, because they have been involved in a lot of close games, and have also had some off field distractions, but they have always found a way to win all those games, and won't be an easy game for the Ducks, who have played well offensively and defensively this season.

Personal Pick: Oregon will finally snap Florida State's winning streak, and advance to the national championship game.

#1. Alabama Crimson Tide vs. #4. Ohio State Buckeyes, Sugar Bowl, Thursday, January 1, 8:30 PM. ET.

The Buckeyes will be hoping that Cardale Jones can give a similar performance to what he did against Wisconsin, when they play Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. If he can't perform as well as he did on Saturday night, Ohio State will be in for a long night against the Crimson Tide. Nick Saban is going to have his team ready to go against the Buckeyes, especially on defense, due to Jones's inexperience at the quarterback position, as the Crimson Tide try to make it to their third championship game in four years.

Personal Pick: Alabama's experience will be too much for Ohio State to overcome.

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