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Round of 16 UEFA Champions League Picks and Predictions

The Round of 16 in the UEFA Champions League finally kicked off last week, seeing Paris Saint-Germain beat Chelsea 2-1, Benfica defeating Zenit 1-0, Wolfsburg toppling Gent 3-2, and finally Real Madrid winning over Roma 2-0.

The second set of games gets going tomorrow Tuesday, February 23rd, with many more action-packed matches for you to bet on. Keep reading for the full match previews and predictions.

Bayern Munchen vs Juventus F.C.

  • Time: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 2:45 PM ET

The Italian champions Juventus may have made it to the finals last year, however they face a difficult battle ahead in drawing the might German squad Bayern Munchen, the clear favorites to make it to the quarterfinals.

Bet on Bayern

Pep Guardiola’s time with Bayern will come to a close this season, as the talented coach now heads to Manchester City to continue his impressive career. However, he won’t leave without making a vie to crown his current team as the UEFA Champions.

Easily passing through the group stage as the leader in Group F, Bayern won five of the six games played while scoring 19 goals and giving up only three.

Though solid at home, the German squad does seem to struggle playing away from Allianz Arena. In fact, this year’s sole loss came at the hands of Arsenal in an away game at London.

Bayern could face some problems defending against Juventus, as they’ve been riddled with injuries to players that could open up the midfield and scoring opportunities for the talented Juventus front line. However, Pep Guardiola will undoubtedly counter with his own line of attack, that is a force of its own with Robert Lewandowsky and Thomas Mueller leading on point and Arjen Robben and Douglas Costa opening up the flanks. Lewandowsky and Mueller have combined for 12 goals this year.

Bet on Juventus

Having made it to the Round of 16 without too much difficulties, the Italian powerhouse nevertheless drew Bayern which could prove to be an insurmountable obstacle to make it past the knockout stage.

Regardless, the Vecchia Signora is going through a very good time, winning their last 15 games and leading in Serie A football. They’re also pretty much unstoppable at Juventus Stadium, only giving up an amazing six goals with a solid backfield that clamps down opponents to but a trickle of goals.

They also have the talents of Argentinian Paulo Dybala heading the attack up front, which could spell disaster for the German’s weakened midfield. With Paul Pogba and Alvaro Morata balancing out the attack, the Italians could create many scoring opportunities that could throw the Germans into disarray.

Predictions: The Vecchia Signora defends their home pitch and the game ends in a 0-0 draw.

F.C Barcelona vs Arsenal FC

  • Time: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 2:45 PM ET

It’s a complicated affair for Arsenal, even after having fought their way valiantly through the group stage. In having drawn Barcelona for the knockout stage, the road ahead is even more difficult for the English squad.

Bet on Barcelona

The Spanish team got through the group stage fairly easily at the top of Group E. Losing only the first and last games, they won all four games in between, scoring a total of 15 goals while only giving up four against.

Though Lionel Messi missed half of the matches in the group stage, Uruguayan Luis Suarez picked up the slack and found the net five times to lead the team. Barcelona’s deadly trio of Messi, Suarez, and Neymar Jr is as impressive a front line as has ever been assembled, scoring an impressive 89 goals between them, and they’ll be hungry for blood heading into this match.

However, the trio seems to struggle in finding scoring opportunities away from Camp Nou, scoring only 16 goals in 10 away game in the league and only four in Champions’ league matches. Regardless, with such an array of talent, Barcelona fans should expect to celebrate at least one score from any of the three.

Bet on Arsenal

Though the English squad lost their two group games, against Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiakos, they came back to win 3-0 all their return matches which qualified them as the runners up in Group F and gave them the pass to the knockout stage.

It’s the 13th time in a row the English squad makes it to this point in the competition. However, this might not be much reason to celebrate, as they also haven’t made it past this stage for the last five years straight. And, having drawn against Barcelona might not bode well for them this year as well.

The Gunners have a difficult task in front of them. Though playing at home in London, they need to figure out a way to stop the trident attack of Messi, Suarez, and Neymar Jr, something which is doubtful to say the least.

However, the Gunners have their own talent among their front lines. With Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil leading on point, they certainly could create many a scoring opportunity, while Aaron Ramsey, Oliver Giroud, and Theo Walcott can wreak havoc at midfield and crack open Barcelona’s defenses.

Arsenal also has a strong backfield that is perfectly capable of defending against Barcelona and stopping the onslaught of Messi, Suarez, and Neymar Jr. as they stopped the mighty Bayern during the group stage, shutting them out 2-0.

Predictions: Arsenal once again shocks the world and keeps Barcelona scoreless, winning 1-0.

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