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NBA Conference Finals Hot Predictions

The semi-final round of the NBA playoffs is almost over, which means it is time to start looking towards the NBA Conference Finals. Despite the fact that neither conference finals series have been set yet, it is relatively easy to predict which teams will play in them, especially in the Eastern Conference, where the top seeded teams usually end up in it. The Western Conference is always a little more difficult, because there are so many good teams in it. The one thing we do know is that the San Antonio Spurs, who have won the last two Western Conference Finals, won’t be in it this year. Here is a quick look at the projected NBA Conference Finals.

NBA Eastern Conference Finals Predictions

The top seeded Atlanta Hawks currently find themselves tied with the Washington Wizards in the semi-final series, and they haven’t played very well defensively, which is usually their strength. They were down twice in the series, but they were able to tie things up on both occasions, and currently have their home court advantage back. The Wizards have missed the presence of John Wall in their past two games, because of a wrist injury he sustained in game 1, but they expect him back in the lineup soon, which will be a big problem for the Hawks, who have been unable to slow him down. 

Even with the return of Wall, they Hawks are the better team, and will book a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals.

In the other semi-final series, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a 3-2 lead over the Chicago Bulls, and will be trying to end the series in six games. Despite the fact that they are missing Kevin Love, the Cavaliers have found ways to keep winning, and they will have a great chance against the Bulls, who have also been shorthanded in their last two games, with the hamstring injury to Pau Gasol. LeBron James has never lost to the Bulls as a member of the Cavaliers or Miami Heat, and will lead his team back to the Conference Finals, to take on the Hawks.

Eastern Conference Finals Odds

If the Cavaliers and Hawks meet in the conference finals, the Cavaliers will be the favorites, because they are currently 1-2 favorites to win the East.

NBA Western Conference Finals Predictions

The Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies are currently tied at 2-2 in their semi-final series, and it looked like it was going to go the full seven games, until Tony Allen, the Grizzlies top perimeter defender got hurt. With Allen out of the lineup, the Grizzlies are still capable of winning the series, but the Warriors All Star back court will have more room to operate, and make it easier for them to get the series win. 

The Clippers have continued the stellar play that they carried into the playoffs, and have a 3-2 series lead over the Houston Rockets, despite having to deal with injuries to their best player. They currently have the Rockets on the ropes, and get to play game 6 in front of their home crowd, giving them a great chance to win the series. 

Western Conference Finals Odds

If the Clippers and Warriors meet in the Western Conference Finals, the Warriors will be the favorites, because they are 1-2 favorites to win the conference championship.