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NCAA March Madness Preview

With the star of the month of March it is time to start filling out your brackets and preparing for the best time of year, March Madness.
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As the season winds down, teams are trying for that impressive victory that will get them into the NCAA Tournament. This year the field has been expanded to 68 teams vying for the title of National Championship.
The college basketball polls will reveal at least 25 entrants to this year’s big dance. Teams that currently rank in the top ten will vie for a number one seed once the tournament begins. This is crucial as the tournament is all about matchups and a number one seed will start off facing a lower seeded team, that should be able to upset, but there is always room for upsets in March.
Ohio State and Kansas seemed assured of the top seed in the tournaments, but there are a few others trying to get the other two spots up for grabs. Texas, Pittsburgh, and BYU are a few teams that may stake their claim on the top seed.
All conferences will be well represented in the big dance, but none more than the Big East. This power college basketball conference could have up to 11 teams that could secure invitations to the tournament making it the most teams by any conference in the tournament to date.
From buzzer beaters to Cinderella’s the college basketball NCAA tournament is filled with excitement and plenty of opportunities to wager on college hoops. Get ready for an exciting month full of great basketball!