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Boxing: Pacquiao vs. Mosley Fight Preview. Sat. May 7!

Pacquiao boxes from a southpaw stance, moving forward bobbing and feinting his way in. Once in close, he uses his right hand to find the range and then unleashes his powerful left, either straight or looping, and will often double and triple it to the body and head.
Pacquiao is very unorthodox, even for a southpaw. He moves straight in but is hard to time with his bobbing and head feints. Before most opponents can time his onrushes, he is throwing whirlwind punches from a variety of angles.
Mosley is a well-schooled boxer with exceptional speed and power in both hands, Mosley boxes well from the outside, employing a strategy called “power boxing”. Is very effective with combinations and employs a solid body attack when in close. Is adept at controlling the pace, using angles and feints, forcing opponents into mistakes but will sometimes wait too long looking for the perfect shot.
Mosley has been a championship caliber boxer for a decade now, tangling with top names such as Floyd Mayweather, Oscar De la Hoya, Winky Wright, Vernon Forrest, among others. He’s fought guys who are bigger, younger, and harder punchers before. There isn’t a style that he hasn’t faced.
Pacquiao is a popular celebrity in his native Philippines, involved in the country’s political agenda. He will sometimes leave training camp to appear at fundraisers and other political events. Also looming is the constant talk about superfight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. This could be a major distraction in this fight.