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Pacquiao vs. Margarito Fight Saturday Nov. 13!

The Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight for the WBC Light Middleweight Title is Saturday, November 13th in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  The MGM Grand and Las Vegas will be disappointed as the revenue generated by fight fans has moved to Texas.  Manny Pacquiao is going for a vacant title in his eighth weight class division.  This fight brings many anticipated viewers to see how they can contend against each other after Margarito’s loaded gloves scandal.
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Pacquiao has a record of 51-3-2 (38 KOs) while Margarito has a record of 38-6 (27 KOs), both of them suffered losses early in their career.  Though Manny has more fights equaling a better record than Antonio, Margarito has been fighting longer.  The biggest possible drawback is that Antonio Margarito hasn’t fought in over two years.  Meanwhile, Pacquiao has been consistently building a reputation as a great fighter with each fight he wins.
Antonio Margarito has the advantage with his height and arm reach over Manny Pacquiao and a lot to prove if he wants to bring his reputation into a favorable light, whereas Manny Pacquiao sets out to prove he’s the best in every fight he enters.  “He’ll have to catch me to hit me”, was Pacquiao’s opinion of the fight.  Manny is 31 years old and Antonio is 32, both have been fighting since they were teenagers and it must be taking a toll on their bodies.  Pacquiao will be struggling with wear and tear from a busy fight schedule; his last fight was March of this year, while Margarito has had two years to hone his body while waiting for someone to give him his license-to-fight back.  Margarito’s last fight was January 2009.
Pacquiao has openly stated that Margarito wraps his own hands and his denials of not knowing they were packed were absurd.  Manny Pacquiao wants someone impartial in the dressing room with Margarito to watch him wrap his hands.  He believes that Margarito took care of his own hands and fully knew about the sheet-rock accessories that had been discovered being wrapped into them before his bout with Shane Mosley.  Pacquiao believes everyone deserves a second chance, but he doesn’t want to be proven wrong in the ring.
Pacquiao has been an incredible force in the welterweight division, but the endurance it takes to hang with the middleweights can take a toll and so far he has held up and he’s been working to pack on the pounds.  He’s an extraordinarily hard hitter and will depend on his speed to start the fight for the first few rounds.  This fight has all the makings of going the distance.  Margarito is all strength and stands five inches taller with a 73 inch reach.  Both fighters work under the same promoter, Bob Arum, and are extremely familiar with the other’s fighting style.  This will be a don’t-miss fight between Pacman and the Tijuana Tornado!